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One Glass of Easy Homemade Rice Drink a Day is Crazy Healthy

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That is of course, if you keep the sugar levels down to a minimum, especially if you use healthy natural sweeteners. Rice like any food can help get you fat or chubby but it is about the amount, rice is real food with true health benefits. It is ideal work out food to pile on because it is a simple carb that burns easily and fuel efficiently, but beware it does convert to natural sugars but you have to use it in physical activity or do not go over 2-2.5 cups of rice. People who are not used to rice can find it pretty filling and treat it more as a side, a lot of Eastern countries may have a hard time restraining themselves to one cup a meal

Rice juice is a wonderful and refreshing, slightly sweet drink which really brings out the good flavor in rice. It is mild tasting and addictive with bonus health benefits. It is best served chilled or quite hot (I like chilled a lot better). Rice juice is typically made with white, chubby, glutinous rice, but if your health condition is so fragile that you have to limit gluten, sugar and/or carbs you may want to cut this drink with brown rice for it has twice the fiber of regular white rice and can help wash down the white rice starch. But I do recommend you do not do that first, the classic flavor will be lost and you can just label this drink as an
occasional treat.

White rice consists of around 90 percent carbohydrate, 8 percent protein and 2 percent fat. White rice is also packed with a ton of vitamins and minerals such as precious and vital magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, selenium, iron, folic acid, thiamine and niacin which are part of the vitamin B family. It is low in fiber
though but when turned into a drink it passes quite easily and even helps digestion. Its plant fat content primarily consists of omega-6 fatty acids which contain pro-inflammatory effects when overeaten fast without much physical activity.

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To make rice juice you just have to boil around 1 part rice to twice the amount of water required on the packaging directions. You can add a little more or less depending on your taste but be pretty generous on the water because the starchiness of white glutinous goes a long way. But do not fret regular white rice
or other types of white rice is also fine, the white rice flavor is what makes this drink. After 10-14 minutes of boiling the rice you can fish it all out through a strainer before it gets fully cooked. You can use this rice for something else and leave some rice in the liquid as well. Add in your choice of sweetener although
cane sugar, coconut sugar or a clean white sugar syrup is best to compliment and bring out that rice flavor. Taste first and adjust if it needs more water or sweetness, add ice and optional extra flavors like pandan lead thrown in the boiling process.

The Benefits of Drinking a Cup a Day

1.)A Natural Energy Drink

Packed with carbs but in an easy-to-get-down liquid form- that is slightly fermented mind you will provide you a lot of energy and a calm stomach. This is of course ideal for breakfast, but if you are sick you can drink this any time of the day. The huge, fat cushion of carbs that a rich variety and amount of vital mineral sit on are a power house combination your mitochondria will drool over. Quit going for cheap and strangely addictive, chemical-injected energy drinks and just make a big batch at home. Do not make too much rice juice though, chill it as much as possible and consume within 2-4 days because rice is fragile to rot or ferment even further.

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2.)Friendly to your Tummy

As we’ve mentioned rice juice is indeed easier to digest than regular cooked rice fresh off the steamer. Extracting the boiled starch and little yet significant fiber content of the grains make a good digestion-stimulator. It is the starches that help stimulate the growth of good bacteria.

3.) Great Sick Drink

If you are feverishly, eye-rolling sick from something real uncomfortable like a bad flue or allergy attack than staying at home with a pitcher of rice juice will help keep water in. A similar color to coconut water with another distinct, mild taste rice juice also has the same effect in keeping water in letting you stay
hydrated longer. Ideal for both the health conscious and the sickly, it is filling and nutrient-rich so patients with low appetites can still get calories in.

4.) One of the Most Gentle Diarrhea Treatments

We did mention that rice juice is good to your stomach but it does go as far as preventing or greatly easing diarrhea. It acts as a liquid clog because of the white grains’ starch, its sugar content will also help keep your blood sugar normal- giving you less headaches from malnourishment. Ideal stomach treatment for babies, young children and whomever else is fragile.

5.) Immune Booster and Cancer Preventive/Fighting

Rice especially of the much healthier varieties (there are high-fiber white rice strains) contain such an impressive spectrum of nutrients including antioxidants that even cancer cell growth is inhibited with regular consumption, along with regular exercise and a diet that is balanced,

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