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The Richness of Meditation Therapy

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Meditation offers a plethora of advantages for a person. Some of the more well-known beneficial things meditation can do for you include relieving a stressed out mind, relaxing a tightly-wound body, improving focus, facilitating creativity and happiness, lowering of blood pressure, and promoting peace of mind. And it can also arguably boost your performance in bed.

But can it turn you into a millionaire?

If I told you that was very much possible, what would you say? Would you doubt it? Would you follow me? Would you want to listen more to what I had to say?

You probably wouldn’t believe me right away. And you’d have a completely valid excuse not to. You might even think that I’m trying to trick you into buying something.

But think about it. Being rich involves rows of palm tree after palm tree,vacation houses along the sea or in a quiet rural picturesque town, a high position in a very successful corporation, luxury and sports vehicles and socialite friends. It can also mean skipping work occasionally, and not having to deal with problems as often as you do right now. To a degree, that sounds about right. The idea is that when you have all the money you need and much much more, it is like being on a very long, fantastic vacation.

What if however, the very long, fantastic vacation can be attained without the use of all those material things mentioned above? What if it can be attained by having nothing at all?

The advantages of meditation and all the things cash can’t purchase

Personally, I found that when I reached a specific time in my life, I didn’t need material possessions or even people to feel deep happiness. I still do like eating exquisite meals and wearing expensive clothing and being with lovely people as much as anyone else.

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Then I discovered how deep happiness actually comes from meditating. When I had and knew nothing and became no one, I had everything I wanted. That transformed my life and my universe.

It might sound like I’m nuts. But I’m perfectly sane. Meditating introduces our minds to a part of who we are that is completely free and perfect and peaceful and fulfilled and content. It is the part that was never touched by desire or disappointment or heartbreak or sadness or loneliness or fear or hope or despair.

By meditating, we see this part of ourselves that is not limited by any boundaries. It is a part that is fill with silence that speaks to who we really are. There are times when I meditate, I think to myself that I can do this for eternity, enjoy and experience happiness for eternity. When I meditate, all the things I know, my entire universe fades to nothingness. What remains is a profound form of happiness. When that happens, all I want is to be one and overwhelmed by being full and complete.

Meditating deeply lets us know how rich we really are. And boy, we’re more than billionaires. We see a part in us that is boundless and infinite. The more I meditate, the more I realize how true this really is. I am conscious and I am aware and I am more compelled to take the richness of the universe that I find in me and make it a part of all that I do.

So can it turn me into a millionaire? Of course, and it can give you so much more, but not in the way you expect. From what happened to me, I can say that meditating deeply educates me with the true meaning of being wealthy. The lesson is that it doesn’t matter how much material possessions you have, because there is a wellspring of happiness that will always be with me, no matter what. It is a wellspring that never loses its value. It is a wellspring that can never be taken from me. And it’s in every one of us, if we just venture deep down into who we are.

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