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Tips on How to Remove Dark Circles Under the Eyes

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Our busy lifestyle often takes up most of our day leaving us but a few hours of sleep before the next day arrives. This results to low energy levels the following day, not to mention dark circles under the eyes that can worsen as we keep up our unhealthy habit.

We all need sleep. This is a fact. Without enough sleep, our body cannot fully recover from the work that we have put it through the day. Waking up with dark circles under the eyes can also reduce our self-confidence. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to reduce the appearance of your raccoon eyes. Here are some of the tried and tested home remedies to alleviate the dark circles under the eyes.

Raw potato. Potatoes are not only good for eating but they can also help reduce the puffiness as well as the dark circles under the eyes. For this remedy, simply grate a few potatoes to get the juice. Soak a cotton then place over your closed eyes. Make sure that the cotton can cover the affected areas. Leave the cotton balls for 10 to 15 minutes to allow the juice to soak through the skin. Rinse afterwards with cool water.

Lemon juice. Lemons contain vitamin C that can help lighten the skin which is perfect if you have dark circles under your eyes. Get some lemons and cut them into two to squeeze the juice of out them. Soak a cotton then apply on the affected area. Leave the juice on for 10 minutes before rinsing. If you experience a stinging or burning sensation, discontinue use.

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Tea bags. Another home remedy that can solve your under eyes woes is tea bags. Tea contains antioxidants and caffeine which are known to reduce puffiness by shrinking the blood vessels around the eyes and prevent water retention under the eyes. Place two bags of used tea in the fridge to chill them then place them over your eyes. Leave them for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove the bags then wash your face after. Do this remedy once or twice a week to see positive results.

Almond oil. There is no denying the power of almond oil when it comes to reducing the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. A few drops massaged on the affected area and leaving it on throughout the night can reduce the presence of dark circles the following day. Don’t forget to rinse the oil off when you wake up. Repeat this treatment every night before going to bed until the dark circles disappear.

Dark circles under the eyes may make you look older than your real age and although eye creams and concealers can hide them from view, sometimes taking the natural route is far more effective than the beauty products that you rely on so often. You might be surprised on how amazing the results are when you try these home remedies for dark circles under the eyes out.

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