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Vaseline Uses You Did Not Know

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Robert Cheseborough first patented the use of petroleum jelly in 1865 and was later used to deal with dry skin because of its thick consistency that helps soothe dry and cracked skin. Even today, it is still being used for dealing with skin issues especially when the weather becomes dry. With that being said, there are now several uses for Vaseline that you probably didn’t know of. Here are a few that are worth mentioning.

Smoothens hair

Frizzy hair can be a problem from time to time. Taming it with brushing alone won’t be enough which is why using Vaseline can be useful. Apply a small amount on the problem areas, including the ends when you are dealing with split ends, and you’ll see a marked improvement.

Remove makeup stains from clothes

It appears that Vaseline can work wonders when it comes to removing makeup stains from your clothes, pillow cases, and the like. Apply some Vaseline on the stains then use a damp cloth to wipe them off. You’ll be glad you did it.

Soothe your dry skin

If you are having a hard time repairing your dry and cracked heels, using Vaseline is going to save you a lot. To use this remedy, apply Vaseline on your heels or even your elbows when you feel that they are dry then cover them with socks. Leave it on overnight to help hydrate and smoothen dry and damaged skin. This works like a charm so give it a try.

Get a perfect tan

You can get an even and perfect tan by applying some vaseline on dry areas of your skin before you use your self-tanner. What Vaseline does is to act like a barrier on your skin so that there will be no stains or streaks on your skin. If you are going to dye your hair, you should also apply some Vaseline on the edge of your hairline to prevent stains when applying dye on your hair.

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Help studs go in nicely

For those who don’t wear earrings often, the holes on your ear lobes can become tight. The best way to get your studs slip easily is to rub some Vaseline on your ear lobes. This will make it easier for your earrings to get inside. On the other hand, if your stud earrings are being stubborn to remove, the same process can be done.

Prevents dryness on nail polish

The cap on your nail polish can become stuck when there is dried lacquer underneath. To prevent this from happening, apply some Vaseline under the cap. This will make it easier for you to open and close the bottle without worrying about dried lacquer.

Add more definition to your lashes

You can still pull off the no makeup look without worrying about your lashes becoming way too busy with the help of Vaseline. Smooth petroleum jelly over your lashes so they will become fuller and shiny too. It will add that extra shine to your lashes.

Luminous skin

If you want to give your skin that natural glow without using more makeup, Vaseline will be a good product to use. Use Vaseline instead of highlighter. All that you have to do is to apply a small amount of it on the high points of your face so get that luminous glow. You can apply some on your shins too if you like for added sheen to your skin.

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