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The Pros of Facial Shavings for Women

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Facial shaving has been a hygiene necessity for men, but now a lot of women are giving it a try. Yes, women shaving their faces. This should not come as much as a shock, a lot of activities and items are now gender neutral. Why not shaving?

Facial shaving is said to have a lot of positive effects on the skin. According to experts, facial shavings are one of the reasons why men age better. There is a misconception about shaving that turned women off of it. It is said that shaving the hair will make it grow thicker, stronger and darker. We are here to tell you that is wrong. Shaving, waxing or any type of hair removal will make you prone to ingrown hair, but not dark and thick hair. Our hair is shaped thin on the furthest part of the shaft and thicker near the root. If you shave the hair, it will appear thicker and darker because it has been cut midway. Ladies, don’t be turned off from shaving. It’s a less painful way to remove hair and is great for the skin.

Here are some more reasons you should try facial shaving.


–      Shaving every day can help exfoliate the skin and lessen dead skin cell build up. Shaving can also remove pore blockage.

Quick Wake Me Upper

–      Shaving creams are often made with a refreshing quality that helps make the user feel more refreshed and relaxed after shaving. Shaving in the morning can leave women feeling refresh and renewed.


–      The mild micro-Derma abrasion can help increase the production of collagen in the skin and limit the appearance of wrinkles.

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Product Absorption

–      Shaving helps remove unwanted dead skin and blockage, making products seep into the skin better. Moisturizers and serums stick to the skin better and also keeps makeup lasting longer.

Healthy Glow

–      After shaving the skin, it gives off a smoother and healthier glow. It gives the skin a more natural pinkish glow.

Makes the Skin Appear Lighter

–      There are tiny hairs that are not easily visible to the eyes, these tiny hairs can be seen on the cheeks, forehead and upper lip area. Shaving can remove these hairs and make the skin appear lighter.

Though there are multiple positive feedbacks to facial shaving. It is advised not to shave unless you have to. Excessive shaving can cause skin irritation and skin sensitivity.

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