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Vitamins That Women Need

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Women have different nutritional need for different stages in their life. Women that are pregnant in their early twenties to late thirties need folic acid to help prevent birth defects. Women that are going through menopause require vitamin D and calcium supplements to improve bone health. Women are required to take more vitamins due to different changes in our body as we age and go through different stages.

Here are some of the important vitamins and supplement the women need.

Vitamin C

–      Vitamin C helps the production of antioxidant in the body. These antioxidants help remove free radicals in the system and remove unwanted toxins. Vitamin C is also essential for immunity, it helps ward off unwanted bacteria and viruses from entering the body. It is also important for promoting healing and forming red blood cells.

Vitamin E

–      Vitamin E like vitamin C is an essential vitamin for antioxidant. This vitamin is important to maintain the cell membranes and fight off Neuro-degenerative diseases. This vitamin is important for women that have intestinal disorders, but always consult your doctor before taking any vitamin. Too much vitamin E can increase the possibility of bleeding.

Vitamin B6

–      Vitamin B6 is important for brain function and metabolism. Lack of these vitamins can cause anemia. Vitamin B6 deficiency is a very rare occurrence in adults, but it is still important to maintain it. If you do not suffer from lack of vitamin B6 do not intake any supplement for it, large doses of these vitamins can be toxic.

Vitamin B12

–      Vitamin B12 id important for protein synthesis, normal cell division and metabolism. Vitamin B12 deficiency causes anemia. Deficiency of vitamin B12 is common in vegetarian and people that are prone to heavy period. Supplements are advised for the elderly, people with intestinal problems and women that have low stomach acid. You can measure your vitamin B12 levels through a blood test.

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Vitamin D

–      Vitamin D helps phosphorus and calcium absorption in the body. These minerals are essential to strong and healthy bones. When the body lack vitamin D, it will start to take phosphorus and calcium from the bones to supply the body. This will thin out the bones and cause bone diseases such as osteoporosis.

Getting all the vital vitamin in your body will keep you in your best condition physically and mentally. Get your recommended dosage from your doctor and don’t forget to eat healthy and exercise.

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