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Tips for Girls with Fine Hair

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This is for all the ladies that struggle with fine hair. You’ve tried all the thickening shampoos and spray out in the market. You’re contemplating to get plug-ins when you get older. Having thin hair is a difficult, it makes the hair appear limp and lifeless. Trying to pull off hairstyles are difficult without the help of hair extension.

For all my fine haired people, here are some tips to bring life and volume to those lovely locks.

Brush Your Hair from Ends to Roots

  • Since hair is scarce, we’d want to make the most out of it. One of the most common ways that people lose hair is through aggressive brushing. Prevent tangles as much as you can by brushing from ends to roots. Start brushing your ends and removing all the tangles before going up. Starting from the top of your head can break hair with tangles.

Avoid Tangles

  • Fine hair is more prone to wind and static that causes frizzy and uncooperative hair. If you have fine hair, avoid combs that is fine toothed. Use a brush to prevent static and tangling. Teasing aren’t harmful to the hair if you do it right. Teasing shouldn’t create un-tangle-able tangles on the hair.If it does create tangles, be careful to remove the tangles, if you do it haphazardly there is a huge chance you are going to remove a huge chunk of your hair. Use the proper tools to tease your hair and shower before untangling the hair and use conditioner. Leave the conditioner on the hair for five minutes and hand comb from ends to roots. This will remove the tangles without breaking off the hair. Another trick to prevent tangles is to sleep with hair in a loose braid. Tossing and turning in your sleep can cause your hair to tangle. Keeping it secure in loose braid not only prevents tangles but it gives you waves in the morning.
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Don’t Brush Wet Hair

  • This is one of the golden rules of hair care. Never, brush your wet hair unless you plan to blow dry it. Even if you plan to blow dry it, make sure it is seventy percent dry before brushing it. Hair is more prone to damage when it is wet, imagine tugging fragile hair with aggressive brushing.You’ll notice multiple hair strands on your brush. If you can’t help brushing your hair, opt for a wide to comb to lessen damage. Another after shower fine hair tip is to not rub your hair with your towel. This will create friction in the hair and make it more prone to damage and dryness. Opt for patting the hair with the towel or squeezing the water out.

Satin Pillowcase

  • Satin pillowcase is not only great for the skin, it is also great for the hair. Due to the soft texture of the cloth it doesn’t create tangles and help retain moisture in the hair.


  • It’s said that thin girls can’t pull off most haircuts. We are here to tell you this isn’t true. The shape of your face can help you determine what type of haircut will work for you. Layers with your haircut can create volume, you can create layers with any length. You can also opt for a blunt cut to create bulk to fine hair.

Hair Color

  • If you plan to color your hair remember that the lighter the hair color the thinner the hair will appear. If you want to create more volume to your hair opt for colors that are darker. Don’t worry though you can still go light, just add in some dark, low lights to add texture and bulk to the hair.
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Styling Tips and Tricks

  • Knowing how to style fine hair is something you need to learn. There are hundreds of hair styling products that can help create volume to the hair, removing limp and lifeless hair. You can learn to blow dry the hair to create volume. Blow dry the roots of your hair upward to create volume.

Dry Shampoo

  • Dry shampoo can do wonders to fine hair. Remove unwanted grease and add body to the hair with dry shampoo. This is also a great product for a quick Volumizer, just spritz some to your hair, flip your head upside down and massage the products on the roots.

Styling Tools

  • Using curling irons and Crimpers can create volume to the hair. Use large barrel curling iron to create soft waves on the hair. This will give fine hair more body, yet still look good for everyday hair.


  • It is said that taking prenatal vitamin and folic acid can promote hair growth and make the hair fuller and thicker.

Fine hair is more fragile than thick and normal hair. It is also more prone to frizz and dryness. It’s important to maintain proper hair care routine and prevent hair damaging habits such as excessive washing and hair plucking.

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