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Reasons for You to Brew and Drink Calendula Tea

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Do you have calendula plant in your garden? Lucky you! On a regular basis, you can easily brew a cup of calendula tea, which is scientifically-proven to offer a number of health benefits!

Calendula essential oil is very popular among people who are into all-natural remedies. It’s something that is commonly used for reducing pain and inflammation, and also keeping the skin hydrated and wrinkle-free.

Unfortunately, not too many are aware of the many perks offered by calendula tea. When consumed every now and then, this herbal beverage can do anything from lowering infection risk to easing PMS pain.

Brewing a cup of calendula tea is very easy. All you have to do is allow an entire bright orange calendula flower to steep in a cup of boiling water for a few minutes. And you can add a little cinnamon powder or honey to taste.

Worry not if you don’t have access to fresh calendula flowers and you like to enjoy the various health benefits offered by calendula tea. That’s because you can easily purchase dried calendula flowers at an herbal store.

And why should you consume calendula tea on a regular basis? Here are some of the reasons:

It Strengthens the Immune System

Especially if it seems like you end up sick each time you spend a few minutes with someone who is coughing or sneezing, it is a good idea for you to consider adding calendula tea to your diet.

According to scientists, calendula tea has the ability to boost the immune system. When your immune system is strong, your risk of ending up with an infection can be lowered.

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It Purifies the Body

Calendula tea is also capable of ridding the body of impurities. That’s because it has diuretic properties, which means that it can encourage your kidneys to produce more urine, thus flushing out impurities in the body.

Because of the diuretic abilities of calendula tea, you may take it to deal with a UTI naturally. It may also help lower the blood pressure, but still it’s important to follow the treatment plan of a doctor.

It Alleviates PMS Symptoms

Are you one of those unfortunate women who suffer from various symptoms before and during their period? Then you can benefit a lot from the consumption of freshly-brewed calendula tea.

So many women who are bugged by PMS swear that the intake of calendula tea helps them attain relief from abdominal pain and cramping, as well as mood swings that tend to accompany PMS.

It Beautifies the Skin

Calendula tea is also perfect for any beauty-conscious person. Thanks to its loads of antioxidants, it’s something that can help slow down the process of aging by zapping free radicals that damage healthy skin cells.

Other than taking it by mouth, calendula tea may also be employed topically. Cooled to room temperature, it may be used for dealing with numerous cosmetic issues such as scars, pimples, acne, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

CAUTION: When thinking about using calendula tea or any other herbal tea for therapeutic purposes, let your doctor know about your plan especially if you have a known medical condition. And by the way, pregnant women should refrain from drinking calendula tea.

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