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8 Valuable Skin Care Tips for Your 20s

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Most of us are guilty of not really giving much attention to our skin care until it is too late. It is only when we start seeing signs of aging do we really get to wonder what skin care routine to try. If you are still in your 20s, this is the perfect time to give your skin its much needed tender loving care especially if you want to be able to maintain its smooth and supple texture as you age. Bear in mind that it’s not really an easy feat to keep signs of aging at bay what with all the products that we apply on our skin, the kinds of food that we eat, and our unhealthy habits too. With that being said, here are eight skin care tips that every girl in her 20s should really incorporate to her daily routine.

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Remove makeup

Yes, we have been wearing makeup ever since we hit our 20s and most of us don’t really remove it once the day is over. This may be because of laziness, or because you are plain tired from having too much fun during the night. Regardless of the reason, it is important that you cleanse your skin from any makeup residue to protect it against clogging that will trigger inflammation.

Protect your skin

It’s good to be young as your skin remains resilient but without proper protection, especially against the harsh rays of the sun, you will feel its effects soon enough as you inspect yourself in the mirror. Keep in mind that spending time outdoors under the sun can actually damage your skin cells thus causing lines and wrinkles to appear. Apply sunscreen protection with high SPF as much as possible to keep signs of aging at bay.

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Skip tanning

Some girls at this age would like to have that to-die-for tan using tanning beds. Unfortunately, exposing your skin to UV rays can actually damage your skin cells thus causing them to become dry and dull. Skip this part as much as possible and just enjoy the color of your skin as is. If you do want to get a tan, spend some time outdoors but slap on some sunscreen still.

Invest on eye creams

Keep in mind that the skin around your eyes is quite thin hence they are prone to aging first. With that being said, it is important that you go and invest on eye creams that can help keep your skin firm around this area. This way, you will still look younger than your years because your eyes appear open and large.

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Reduce stress

Although stress is a part of our lives, we need to reduce it as much as possible. Feeling stressed can cause breakout which is something that you will regret later on once you see those pimples leaving blemishes on your skin. Find a way to release the tension in your body and you’ll feel and look better in no time.

Don’t smoke

Twenties is the time where we tend to experiment but if you want to maintain healthy looking skin, it is best to skip the smoking part as it can actually sap up your skin’s moisture. Regular smoking can lead to dull and dry skin that may cause you to look older than your years.

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Another skin care tip that you should follow is to exfoliate your skin regularly because it helps remove the dead skin cells that are building up on the surface of your skin. You can mix some lemon juice and brown sugar then use it to scrub on your skin to help cleanse your skin from impurities and whiten it too.

Lukewarm showers

There is no doubt that hot showers are good for relaxing but it can cause your skin to become dry. You should go for lukewarm showers instead as this is more bearable for your hair and skin.

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