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Shocking Beauty Uses for Dark Chocolate

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It’s no secret that dark chocolate can make you feel good. But are you aware that it’s also something that can make you look good? Whether taken by mouth or used topically, dark chocolate can surprise with its many different beauty benefits. In fact, it can even outperform some of the most expensive skin and hair care products that you trust.

Read on to know how dark chocolate can make you look your best. After reading this article, share it so that your beauty-conscious family and friends can know, too, how dark chocolate can turn them into complete stunners!

It Protects You From UV Rays

We all know the reason why too much sun is not good for the skin — its UV rays can accelerate skin aging and even trigger skin cancer. That is why slathering sunscreen on your skin is one of the smartest beauty tips around.

Did you know that something as simple as snacking on dark chocolate on a regular basis can help safeguard your skin from UV rays and the negative things they cause? While effective, this does not mean that you should skip applying sunscreen and instead stick to nibbling on dark chocolate.

It Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Having dark chocolate can make you feel terrific. Actually, it’s not just its phenomenal taste that makes that happen, but on a more chemical level that’s taking place in your body. You see, dark chocolate is capable of increasing happy hormones while at the same time decreasing stress hormones, according to scientists.

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Since you are happier and less stressed, the premature appearance of fine lines and wrinkles can be put to a halt. If you already have them, dark chocolate can help in making them less noticeable.

It Zaps Harmful Free Radicals

There is another reason why dark chocolate can help delay skin aging, and that’s the fact that it’s loaded with antioxidants — powerful molecules that have the ability to neutralize those damaging free radicals.

As a result, oxidative stress is efficiently managed, thus slowing down the aging of the skin. Thanks to the protective properties of antioxidants, collagen breakdown is considerably reduced. A type of protein, collagen is a substance that helps maintain the firmness of your skin so it doesn’t end up wrinkly and saggy.

It Makes Your Complexion Dazzling

You may actually administer those antioxidants in dark chocolate directly to the skin if you want to instantly make your complexion look healthier. And when it’s healthier, it glows.

What you need to do is melt a little dark chocolate, and then mix it with plain yogurt before it solidifies one more time. Apply the mixture on your face, neck or elsewhere on the body, but first make sure that it’s not scorching hot! After a few minutes, rinse off very well with water, pat dry, and mesmerize everyone with your glowing skin.

It Promotes Voluminous Hair

One of the many nutrients found in dark chocolate is zinc. According to experts, the said mineral is capable of speeding up hair growth. It’s also needed by the hair follicles in the scalp to stay in tip-top shape. And that is why the regular consumption of dark chocolate is ideal for anyone who wants to have thicker mane.

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By the way, snacking on dark chocolate also helps deal with hair fall — zinc in this scrumptious treat helps boost blood circulation, ensuring that the hair follicles are supplied with the oxygen and nutrients they need.

Want to enjoy all of the beauty benefits above? See to it that you opt for dark chocolate that’s at least 70% cacao. It’s the cacao content of dark chocolate that makes it capable of bringing about the above mentioned perks.

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