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Which Clay Mask is Good for Your Skin Type?

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Caring for your skin is not as easy as you might think since it can be quite confusing when there are tons of skin care products that you have to go through. Well, you don’t really have to feel overwhelmed with skin care products being sold today, because you can start with something simple as using a mud-mask or clay mask to revitalize your skin.

Truth be told, clay masks have been used since ancient times which shouldn’t be surprising given that our ancestors were able to appreciate the benefits that their skin can get from applying earth to their skin. Although you might find that clay masks of today are bottled up, the idea is generally the same and that is to use clay or earth on your skin. But which one should you use based on your skin type?

Fuller’s Earth Clay

If you have oily skin, you will need a clay mask that can absorb the excess sebum that your skin is producing. This is where Fuller’s earth clay comes in as it has been found to be quite effective in getting almost all of the excess oil on your skin. Not only that, but it is also useful in removing any impurities that may be clogging your pores that are contributing to the overproduction of oil on your skin.

Bentonite Clay

Another clay mask that will be good for your oily skin is bentonite clay. Made from volcanic ash, this is known for its amazing ability to absorb the excess oil on your skin. When mixed with water, it can eliminate the any fungus, bacteria, or virus that may be lingering on the surface of your skin thus reducing your risk of inflammation, irritation, and redness too. If you are prone to acne, having bentonite clay as part of your weekly skin care routine will be good for your skin.

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Rhassoul Clay

This clay is actually good for all kinds of skin type because of its mineral content. Since this clay is negatively charged, you can expect it to be able to attract all the impurities that may be lingering on your skin and eliminate them by preventing your pores from becoming clogged up. Compared to other clay masks, this one will not leave your skin feeling dry, thanks to the elastic compounds that it contains that ensures that your skin remains soft and supple at all times.

Kaolin Clay

Some women have sensitive skin so you need to be careful with your choice of clay masks to use. However, it appears that kaolin clay, specifically the pink version, is good for exfoliating your sensitive skin without causing irritation or inflammation. It can also help improve the blood circulation in your face to give you that natural glow to your complexion when used properly.

French Green Clay

Another clay mask that will be good for those with oily skin, or those that want to remove any impurities on their skin is the French green clay. This can be a good choice when you want to remove the excess oil on your skin while tightening your pores too. As the name suggests, you should have green clay rather than white or gray. What’s great about this clay mask is that it is super absorbent that, aside from drawing the excess oil from your skin, it also encourages better blood circulation too.

These are just a few examples of clay masks depending on your skin type. They are quite helpful to your skin if you are trying to solve the excess oils or at least to tighten your skin to make it appear younger and more natural in its glow.

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