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Are You Worrying Too Much? Here are the Signs

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It can be extremely difficult to lead a worry-free life in this day and age, courtesy of all the challenges and stressors constantly in our midst. While it’s normal for us to worry occasionally, some of us simply worry a lot.

Worried that you are worrying more than necessary? No worries! This article will tell you some of the definitive signs that you are simply worrying too much.

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Your Friends are Dodging You

If you are worrying a lot, it’s likely that most of the things that come of your mouth are negative. And this is exactly the reason why it seems like your friends are steering clear of you to spare themselves of your dismal stories.

Similarly, some of your friends may give you terrible advice each time you ask for their suggestions. The best person to approach if you are in a constant state of worry and you want enlightenment is a therapist.

You’re Stuffing Your Face

Most of us tend to stuff our faces each time we are anxious or down. If you are a worrywart, then it’s possible for you to become an emotional eater — eating more than usual to make up for your feelings.

An increase in appetite due to worrying a lot can give you even more reasons to worry. You can gain unwanted weight, and it’s something that can lead to issues like joint pain, diabetes and even increased heart disease risk.

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You Have Reduced or No Appetite

On the other hand, it’s not unlikely for you to lose your appetite if you are always in a state of worry. That’s because all of your energy is focused on every single thing that is bothering you.

Needless to say, you can unintentionally lose weight. Also, you may feel fatigued mentally and physically all the time, which is something that can add to your very long list of things to worry about all day.

You are Losing Sleep

Definitely, you are going to have an extremely difficult time getting a good night’s sleep if your mind is always filled with anxious thoughts. We all know that sleep deprivation can lead to some serious complications.

It can also create a vicious cycle — your worrying keeps you from catching some Z’s, and your failure to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night can leave you even more susceptible to worrying.

You Have High Blood Pressure

Each time we worry about something, it’s perfectly normal for our blood pressure to rise. However, it’s not normal for the blood pressure to remain high for several days or even weeks because of constant worrying.

Having elevated blood pressure all the time is a complete no-no especially if your health is one of the things you worry about because it can actually increase your likelihood of organ damage and heart disease, too.

You’re Always Guzzling Down Alcohol

Drinking on a weekend with your friends is fine. However, drinking alone every single night to help keep your mind from focusing on all the things that you worry about is definitely not normal.

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It’s not just alcohol that you may rely on to help numb your mind, but also illegal drugs. No matter which substance you get hooked on because of your constant worrying, it’s surely going to ruin your life one way or another.

Worried that you have most or all of these telltale signs of constant worrying? Consider talking to a therapist so that you can avoid all of the above mentioned things as well as the complications they tend to bring.

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