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All About the Brush

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It’s no secret that women spend an insane amount of money on hair products and treatments to maintain and style their hair. There’s a vast array of shampoos, conditioners, and treatments to address various hair types: colored, dry, normal, frizzy, damaged, etc. Hair treatments are done weekly or monthly, depending on what the hair stylist recommends. There are also supplements available to give those tresses the essential nutrients to keep it healthy and shiny. All efforts could go in vain, however, if you end up using the wrong brush.

Yes, choosing the right brush is just as important as choosing the right product and treatment for your hair. These days, hairstyling has become an artful skill that requires not just creativity, but also the right tools. With hairstyling, it’s essential to have the right brush to sweep, volumize, and smoothen the hair. Each brush has a different purpose: there are brushes for different hair textures and lengths. At the end of the day, it all boils down to finding the perfect brush to help you achieve the hair style that you want, and what compliments your hair. The perfect set of brush shape, barrels, and bristles can give you immunity from bad hair days. We did some research on brushes and hair types. Keep reading to know the results.

Here’s the 101 on hair brushes that can help lessen the frizz and boost your hair’s styling potential. Check it out:

The Paddle Brush:

It doesn’t matter if your hair is short or long – you can use the paddle brush to make your hair shine. If you want to give your hair a smooth finish, use this large, square brush while blow drying. To use the paddle brush or the flat brush, lift those locks and start brushing from the roots all the way down to the hair shaft. This flat brush is excellent for making sleek, shiny, and smooth hair styles minus the volume. You can also use it to add the finishing touch to curly, wavy, and frizzy hair. The paddle brush can penetrate thick hair and give your scalp a soothing, relaxing massage.

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The Large Oval Bristle Brush:

Ladies with hair that’s thick, wavy, or curly, meet your best friend: the large oval bristle brush. Bristle brushes are effective in keeping the hair smooth. This is because the bristles have a nice grip on the hair and it smoothens out each strand with every stroke. It adds volume to limp hair and is perfect for ladies who are wearing hair extensions.

The Small Round Bristle Brush:

The small round bristle brush, which has a diameter of one inch, adds shape and volume to your hair. It can curl thin or thick hair, add tension, and give volume. This small brush is excellent for women with bangs and short hair. Round brushes create body and movement for your hair, beitat the roots, in the middle, or natural curls at the tip. The size of the curl is dependent on the size of the barrel.

If you want your hair to have natural curls, wrap it around the round bristle brush while blow drying. Keep your hair in that position for a couple of minutes. This technique is ideal for ladies with long hair. The Large Ceramic Round Brush: The benefits and features offered by the large ceramic brush and the round bristle brush are quite similar, but the former has an added advantage. The

The Large Ceramic Round Brush:

The benefits and features offered by the large ceramic brush and the round bristle brush are quite similar, but the former has an added advantage. The brush’s barrel which is made from ceramic material distributes heat to speed up the hair’s drying process which is essential in giving your hair some shape and body. Use the large ceramic round brush while blow drying to protect the hair from heat damage. The even distribution of heat from the brushes’ ceramic barrel helps lessen the frizz while making your hair soft and shiny.

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The Small Ceramic Round Brush:

The small ceramic round brush is an excellent hair styling too lfor ladies with short to medium length hair. It functions as a curling iron which is perfect for adding some curl near the ends. It gives shorter hair styles the volume and shine that they need to keep them from looking dull and lifeless. It distributes heat evenly during blow drying and reduces the hair’s drying time. The small ceramic round brush has a handy, lightweight design that lessens muscle strain and fatigue while styling. It also eliminates hair tangles.

The Mini Denman:

The mini Denman is a tiny brush (about the size of your finger) with plastic bristles that are positioned not too close to each other to style fringes near the face.Just like your hair, the brush also needs some tender loving care. Make sure that you clean your hair brush regularly to avoid oil, dust, and product build up.

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