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Different Types of Split Ends

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Constant exposure to the ever-changing weather as well as too much use of hair products and styling tools can leave us with damaged hair strands called split ends. But if you think that is all there is to it, you might be surprised to find that each split end has a story to tell. With the constant brushing, styling, dying, shampooing, and the like that we subject our hair to, scientists have discovered that there are different types of split ends that have appeared. Sounds interesting, right? Let’s find out what these types of split ends are.

Baby split

This is the start of a split end at the edges of your hair which means that you need to cut it as soon as possible. You will avoid bigger problems this way. Seeing a baby or basic split on your hair strand means that you will need to give your hair extra nourishment. Choose a hair product that will be able to lock in the moisture.

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Fork in the road

Seeing the ends of your hair already splitting this way, you will need to take action as soon as possible. This is less common than the basic as well as the mini because there is now significant damage to your hair. What this sign means is that your hair needs nourishment and moisture immediately. Consider using hair mask treatments because they can deliver more moisture to your damaged hair strands. Give special care to the ends of your hair when doing a hair mask treatment.

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As the name suggests, the appearance of this split end resembles that of a candle. When you see this on your hair, it means that there is a considerable amount of outer cuticle loss on your hair thus making them more susceptible for a split to happen soon. What to do when you see this? Trim your hair. While waiting for your appointment, you can start caring for your hair by using some nourishing essential oils as well as split end treatment to slow down the damage to your hair.

Incomplete split

Tying your hair regularly can cause a break in the middle of your hair strand, but the problem here is that the split dd not continue. This can lead to knots forming, or making your hair appear that it’s going in different directions.


Well, the name says it all. The tree shows that your hair is more damaged to one side of the hair strand especially when it has already branched out. When this happens, it is time to really book an appointment with your hair stylist as the damaged hair needs to be cut off to prevent it from worsening. Make sure that you use hair products that can protect your hair from too much weathering if you wish to prevent split ends from forming once more.

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Deep split

If you tend to color your hair on your own, or you constantly subject it to hair dye every few weeks, chances are you will see a deep split forming on your hair strands. Too much chemicals on your hair, or even harsh hair care can cause your hair strands to peel in a specific spot. This gives your hair that wild look. If this is the case, deep hair treatments can reseal the cuticles of your hair.

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Noticed that some of your hair strands tend to crinkle? This can happen when you have stretched your hair too much all the way to its breaking point, thus leaving it frazzled.

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