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Tips to Prolong Hair Wash

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Do you wash your hair every day? Perhaps your hair looks greasy if you don’t give it a nice wash on a daily basis or it has just become a habit of yours. But for some people, washing their hair daily can be time consuming. Also, there are times when you have too much to do that foregoing washing your hair is a must. The question now, however, is how you can prolong your hair wash so that it won’t look dull and lifeless or too greasy.

Fortunately, the experts have come up with tips on how you can prolong your hair wash. Here are some tips for you to consider.

Don’t shampoo your hair daily. One of the tips that hair experts all agree on is to avoid shampooing your hair on a daily basis. Shampooing your hair constantly can strip it of its natural oils, leaving them dry, prone to brittleness, and even making your scalp dry leading to dandruff.

Avoid washing your hair with hot water. Another tip that you should keep in mind is to avoid washing your hair with hot water. This is important especially to those with oily hair because if you use hot water and then scrubbed your scalp too hard, it will only make the oiliness even worse. The best thing to do is to use warm water then gently scrub your hair and scalp with a cleansing shampoo that is designed for oily hair. You will get a much better result afterwards.

Learn how to use hair products properly. Most of us make the mistake of using too much hair products on our head because we want our mane to look its best. Unfortunately, the chemicals that these hair products contain can actually clog the pores on our head, leading to greasiness and other hair issues. If you want to prolong your hair wash, make sure that you avoid using greasy hair serums, volumizing mousses, straightening balms, and the like. Just remember that less is always more.

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Leave dry shampoo on overnight. Another trick that you can do to prolong your hair wash is to add dry shampoo to your hair before going to bed and leave it on overnight. This way, the dry shampoo will be able to sop up excess oil on your hair then blow dry your hair the following day. This will make your hair look like it has been newly washed so you are good for another day of not washing your hair. Not bad, right?

Get yourself a good shower cap. Who would have thought that wearing a shower cap on those non-shampoo day can make a huge difference on the quality of your hair? Wearing a shower cap can also prevent moisture from getting into your hair strands so they won’t look limp after you take a shower.

Wash the bangs only. If your hair style consists of short layers or bangs, just wash these areas since they are the ones that tend to become greasy and fast. This is because we tend to touch them frequently. Washing them over the sink will do just fine.

Don’t touch your hair. Do you always touch your hair? Fixing it this way and that? Well, it’s time to stop this habit of yours as it is one of the numerous factors that make your hair look greasy. Constantly touching your hair activates oil production which is why your hair becomes greasy at the end of the day. 

So the next time you don’t want to wash your hair but would like to preserve its washed look, follow the tips mentioned above and you’ll see some amazing results.

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