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Achieving a Natural Look with Less Makeup

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Want to see your natural morning glow every time you wake up? Here are some simple ways on how to achieve the natural look that you desire. We all know that putting too much make up constantly would slowly damage your skin. So let’s learn some ways to go for that less makeup look.

1. Exfoliate for a natural glowing skin

Aside from other pollutants, continuous used of make up can clog your pores and expose you to the high risk of having blackheads. Exfoliating your skin helps to remove unwanted residue to reveal healthy skin cells underneath. To keep your skin’s natural glow, exfoliate at least two times a week.

The skin around your eyes is very delicate, so keep it gentle! Rough exfoliating particles can put irritation and damage to the skin. Use products with round beads or a gel exfoliate.

2. Moisturize

Choosing a good moisturizer is a must for a beautiful and glowing skin. When your skin is dry, it tends to look duller and older. Look for a moisturizer that is non-comodogenic, meaning it will not clog pores. Find a facial moisturizer according for your skin type (oily, dry or combination). Properly moisturized skin should look glowing but not greasy.

Other option for dry skin is sunflower oil. It is an excellent natural moisturizer due to its ability to absorb into the skin. Try raw, organic sunflower oil to reap the benefits.

3. Avoid Excessive Sun Exposure

Having a tan skin may look attractive, but excessive sun exposure can make your skin age faster. Studies showed that almost ninety percent of skin aging is due to the sun. This involves wrinkles, fine lines, age marks and sun spots.

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if you plan to be out in the sun more than fifteen minutes, apply an ample amount of moisturizer all-over your skin, including your face (less application for oily skin type). For extra protection put SPF cream at least thirty.

4. Eyelashes Darkened

Having your eyelashes darkened is a great option if you want your eyes to be more defined without mascara. The service is available at some spas, or you can do a home treatment. The eyelashes are darkened by using dyes similar to hair dyes, and it will last until your eyelashes fall out and new ones grow in. But be careful in using products to your eyes, if misuse this can cause damage.

5. Groom Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows emphasize your facial feature. They serve as a frame for your eyes and face, so having it shaped nicely can change your entire look. Do not over-wax or over-pluck! Fuller and define eyebrows give a more youthful look. Groomed and full eyebrows will help define your eyes with less makeup.

Trying for a more angled eyebrow will help balance out your features when you have a round face. For faces with sharper angles or more prominent features, try a softer eyebrow curve. This will enhance your features and give your whole face a lift!

7. Use a Turmeric Mask

This homemade skin remedy has been used for ages. Turmeric is a yellow spice used in Thai and Indian dishes as well as mustard. When applied to the skin, turmeric is said to help with acne, age spots, scarring, large pores, discoloration, and inflammation. It basically takes everything you need a foundation to do for your skin, including making your skin tone even. Some regular users claim they needed less foundation since using turmeric! Turmeric may temporarily stain some skin tones a yellow hue, so it is best used before bed. Use a gentle cleanser after removing a turmeric mask.

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You could check this out, on how to make a Turmeric Mask.

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