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Simple Turmeric Mask for Dry Skin

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This simple to do mask combines the skin benefit of turmeric with coconut oil to soften and moisturize the skin. All you need is to follow this easy steps on how to make it.

Turmeric is not only used to add taste to our food but also as a cosmetic. It is excellent for exfoliating skin that could help you defeat the signs of aging and dry skin. You can also combine it with other ingredients such as coconut oil.

How to make Turmeric mask.

You will need:

1 tsp. turmeric powder
½ tbsp. coconut oil (preferably Organic)


Combine turmeric powder and coconut oil and mix into a paste. Apply to the face, avoiding the direct eye area. Leave for ten minutes, then remove while washing your face with lukewarm water o a warm washcloth. Use a gentle cleanser to remove the rest of the mask, and then pat the face dry. Any yellow discoloration should clear up the next time you wash your face.

Do this every night before going to bed or in the morning before you take a bath and you will see the nice effect on your skin.

Notes: Know if you’re allergic to the ingredients listed above. Consult your doctor for further knowledge.

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