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Reasons to Include Orange Roughy in Your Diet

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Weekly, nutrition experts say that you should have 6 ounces of fish. There are so many choices around, and one of the most versatile of them all is orange roughy — it has a really mild flavor and flaky texture so easy to love. Below you will find some of the perks of having orange roughy included in your diet on a regular basis.

It Helps Build and Repair Muscles

Orange roughy is an excellent source of protein — a 6-ounce serving of it packs up to 28 milligrams of protein. Experts say that this particular fish offers high quality protein, even supplying all essential amino acids or building blocks of protein your body cannot make on its own — they have to be obtained via the diet.

It Keeps Skin Healthy and Beautiful

Aside from building and repairing muscles, protein is also important for the healing of cuts and scrapes. If you want to stay looking youthful, then make sure that you enjoy orange roughy on a regular basis. The protein it contains is necessary for the creation of collagen, something that helps make the skin elastic and free of wrinkles.

It Maintains Beautiful Hair, Too

Other than your skin, your mane can also benefit from the inclusion of protein-rich orange roughy in your diet. Did you know that your hair is made up of protein, in particular something that’s called keratin? So if you want your locks to stay thick, strong and shiny, make sure that you serve orange roughy on the table more often.

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It Prevents Anemia

There are a couple of reasons why the inclusion of orange roughy in the diet can help save you from having anemia. First, it contains iron that is necessary for the production of red blood cells, which are components of the blood that carry oxygen. Second, orange roughy contains vitamin B12, another nutrient vital for red blood cell formation.

It Also Promotes Healthy Nerves

Medical professionals say that vitamin B12 found in orange roughy is also important for keeping the peripheral nerves in a healthy condition. Without enough vitamin B12 obtained by means of the diet, nerve damage may occur, and it’s something that can cause pain or sometimes tingling or burning sensation in the feet and hands.

It Helps Lower Blood Pressure

One of the many, many nutrients found in orange roughy is potassium. Everyone knows that potassium helps in keeping high blood pressure at bay because it helps dilate the blood vessels. So if you want to enjoy normal blood pressure and you’re kind of tired of eating bananas, get your hands on orange roughy on a regular basis.

It Strengthens the Bones

Aside from calcium, many other nutrients are important for keeping the bones strong and lowering one’s osteoporosis risk, and one of them is phosphorus which can be found in orange roughy. Scientists say that among all the minerals out there, phosphorous is the one that is most abundant in the human body, and majority of them are in the bones.

It Neutralizes Damaging Free Radicals

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Nutrition experts say that orange roughy is a wonderful source of selenium, a mineral known to possess antioxidant properties. The inclusion of selenium-containing orange roughy in your regular diet helps combat excess free radicals before they ruin your health, plus it also promotes a stronger immune system.

It Lowers Heart Disease Risk

Finally, regularly including orange roughy in your diet may help in lowering your risk of having heart disease, say medical professionals. It’s all because of the healthy fats found in the said fish, which help in lowering bad cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Keeping those two risk factors of heart disease within the normal and healthy range is crucial.

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