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10 Important Things You Should Know About High Protein Diet

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Most nutritionists are not for the High Protein Diet due to the fact the this diet restrict some healthy foods that are important for your overall health. But as with any diet there are benefits and disadvantages.

Read on below to find out what you should know about a High Protein Diet and its benefits.

1. Muscle, Skin, Hair and Repair

It is a known fact that protein is needed for muscle repair, to keep bones strong, for skin regeneration and to keep our blood circulating. So if you want those locks of healthy hair, strong muscles and a glowing skin to boot, a high protein diet is for you!

2. Less Belly fat

According to experts when you consumed a high-quality protein of at least 10 grams of essential amino acids (EAAa) at every meal it is associated with less belly fat.

3. They’re Easy to Follow

Most diet will let you follow a strict set of foods that are a bit out of your budget and eat some not so familiar foods that you may not probably like. With a high protein diet you just stick to eating protein-rich foods that you are familiar with and most probably enjoy eating.

4. Foods Are Not That Costly

When you consider foods such as fish, tofu, soy, chicken, low-fat dairy and inexpensive lean beef you can say that the cost for these are less expensive compared to most diets available today.

5. Protein Makes You Full Longer

After eating a high-protein heavy meal you will not have the urge to snack because you’ll feel full much longer. In turn you will have lower calories consumed and you will be able to lose weight faster.

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6. Promotes Better Sleep

Experts believed that protein optimizes chemical transmitter balance which gives us energy during the day and allows us to rest easily at night. This is in comparison to a high carb diet.

7. Energy Booster

Protein is considered to be a macronutrient, which means the your body needs that nutrients in order to function. Protein is important for your memory, thought, daily movement and physical activities.

8. Enhances Brain Function

Protein is considered to be a food for the brain. It promotes better brain function by consuming a variety of foods from animal sources that provides the building blocks to make chemical messengers that are active in energy production, hunger, motivation, wakefulnes and optimal cognition.

9. Promotes Heart Health

Fish is a common fodd that you will have to consume when you are in a high protein diet. We all know that fish is packed with omega-3 fatty acids that helps lower cholesterol which reduces your chances of developing heart disease and promotes weight loss.

10. Water Retention is Less

If you cut on carbohydrate intake and consume high protein foods you’re getting rid of water weight and bloating.

So now that you know the benefits of a High Protein Diet, do you think this diet is for you? But before you start with this diet check with your doctor or a nutritionist to see if this is a go for you.

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