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Signs of Fatigue and How to Fix Them

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Everyone experiences fatigue. Some people may feel sluggish after a long day or exhausted even though they just woke up. Fatigue can be caused by different things, but normally a day or two of rest is enough to replenish the body back to its normal energy levels. However, there are cases where fatigue can be caused by internal issues that may require more than a good night’s sleep such as arthritis.

Signs of Fatigue

Fatigues can be a physical and mental state of weakness and exhaustion. Your whole body feels heavy and simple task appears more daunting that usual. This is the same type of experience you feel when you catch a fever or flu, but without the other physical manifestation. Though, a lot of people tend to overlook fatigue and just see it as a bad or an off day. There are other signs of fatigue that you could use as a warning to get yourself check out.

– You tend to loose coordination. Simple tasks such as pouring water can seem like a huge hassle. You tend to spill things, walk weird have a hard time guiding your body to do what you want it to do.

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– Increased thirst and hunger. This is one of the most common symptoms of fatigue. The need to consume more liquids and food. This is often due to the feeling that the body needs more energy and it is signaling the brain to get that energy by eating more and drinking.

– Nodding Off, you sleep a lot more and a lot longer than usual. Even after napping a few hours ago, you still get the feeling that you need to nap more.

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– Stress, Anger and moodiness, all of these can be a strong sign of mentalfatigue.

– Lack of concentration and slow reflexes, you tend to lose focus more and working becomes a challenging. Your brain tends to black out and you lose focus on whatyou do. Your reflexes become slower and you have no physical causes for them.

– Boredom, you tend to become bored easily. Something that you tend to do every day that you like can even become boring. This boredom can often trigger the need to nod off or eat.

Kinds of Fatigue

The most common type of fatigue is the physical fatigue. This is caused by extreme exhaustion that inhibits you to perform physical activities. Mental fatigue is common and is mostly accompanied by physical fatigue. This inhibits the mind and body’s ability to perform. This is the type of fatigue where the person experiences the inability to mentally and physically concentrate and perform throughout the day even with enough rest. Emotional fatigue, this is the type of exhaustion that affects our mood and the way we think. Lastly, chronic fatigue, this is symptom of some illnesses such as arthritis.

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Determining some common causes:

Training – people that tend to over train experience physical exhaustion.This is mostly due to your depleted energy levels. This type of fatigue can be cured with a good high
energy meal and rest. If you are having problems sleeping at night, then this can be a sign that your body is telling you to slow down. Your body needs to recover, allow your body to rest and limit your workout to what is healthy.

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Allergies – allergies can cause fatigue due to the lack of nutrient absorption in the body. When you get allergies and experience excessive amounts of yawning and lack of energy. The only way to fix this is to address the allergy itself. You need to identify the cause and fix it from there.

Anemia – people that do not have enough red blood cells are more likelyto feel weak and sluggish than other. This is a common symptom of anemia or iron deficiency. You can reduce your fatigue by eating a rich in iron diet and or taking supplements to help improve your ironlevels.

Insulin Resistant – Your body is not able to absorb blood sugar, which then causes a lack of energy. People that are diabetic, often experience fatigue do to this health problem. You can fix this by improving your insulin resistance. Consult your doctor on the best
possible medication and alternative you can do to improve your health.

Don’t be ashamed to admit that you have fatigue, a lot of people who go through it believe that it is just caused by lack of sleep or exhaustion. Fatigue can affect your daily life. This can stop you from doing what you normally would. People that suffer from depression experience fatigue as their symptom. So, identifying if you have fatigue is important. Once you see the signs, go to your doctor and try to determine the exact cause and learn how to treat it.

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