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Want to Lose Weight? Start Investing in You

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Women nowadays can be seen anywhere. They are quite active than the old days, where there are limited opportunities and working is not that usual especially for mom’s. But now women compete in the community and participate in many aspects of work. But when was the last time we did something for ourselves? Whether it is just a favorite meal or a dress we’re longing to wear. Do we think about investing in ourselves?

Even if we’re busy, we still prioritize a lot of things before ourselves, whether it be our family, work, children, neighbors, friends, employees, pets, boss or our special someone. As we invest lots of energy to do our best for others, we forgot ourselves. If we ever did do something for ourselves, we feel guilty about it.

Through that guilt and over commitment, we couldn’t follow our promises to do some diet or even have exercise, we even lack the motivation to do it. This results to neglect of health and personal worth, thus lowering our self-esteem.

Dr. Paul Hokemeyer stated that a person with more self esteem can easily do diet and exercise. This maybe because they value themselves, as they value others and they have a positive view of life.

More study proved that the happiest people are far more better in balancing pleasure and purpose. These people with consistent and regular happiness, knows how to fulfill their responsibilities and at the same time enjoy themselves.

This proves that investing in ourselves can help us be the best we can be. Here are some helpful ways to invest in ourselves:

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1.) Visit the salon. This is not only to look more sassy and good, but this enables you to have time for yourself and let others give you the attention that you need. This is the time to pamper yourself, to help relax your body and mind.

Get the latest look, get your hair colored or have it cut and styled in a different way. Whatever you’d like to change just be sure you feel pampered.

2.) Have a fitness schedule and keep it. By keeping a schedule for your exercise and consider it as an unbreakable appointment, just like you have a dentist appointment or a date, so you will exert an effort to do it regularly. And giving up must not be on your mind unless it is an emergency situation. The more you follow your schedule the more you develop a sense of value for yourself and there will be no guilt in taking care of your own body.

3.) Doll-up. Putting lipstick, make-up or anything that makes you standout. Just like what Dolly Parton said, that she will only be caught without make-up on, is if she’s dead. It’s not just putting make-up, but it means putting an effort to look good for yourself. It’s not just cosmetics, but the sense that you take an effort to be beautiful on a daily basis.

4.) Have a moment ‘just for you’ everyday. Do some little things that make you happy, like eat your favorite ice cream, listen to your favorite song, sing in your own room or the shower, have a chat with a friend or just lie in your own bed without thinking of anything or perhaps daydream. And because of this, each day you wake up, will be something new.

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5.) Try saying ‘no’ when you need to. Every women often think of others before themselves. Women, especially mom’s let themselves be over committed to their family needs, that there is a small room for herself. You must learn to be honest on what you can do and cannot do for others.

Considering and valuing ourselves, makes us more worthy that others can also value us the way we want them to. We can choose different ways to invest in ourselves, to be healthy, fit and reach our goals in a positive way.

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