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Acne Facts and Fiction

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Acne is one of the biggest skin disorder that plague us every day. We all know about it and have seen it a lot growing up. Unfortunately, a lot of us will experience acne at least
once in our lifetime and it is incredibly unpleasant. There are a lot of myths about where acne comes from and what can make it
worse. A lot of these we still believe in today. Most of these can actually make your acne worse. We’ve asked around what the top acne myths are and consulted the top skin experts about it. Here is what they have to say.

You’ll Grow Out of It

When people say that you’ll grow out of your teenage acne, it’s about 80% true for most people. A lot of us outgrow are teenage acne phase. Though, some of us never really do. In fact, more men than women grow out of their acne. This is mostly due to the sudden surge of hormones men acquire during puberty,while women experience the ups and downs with their hormones throughout their lives. This starts from our first period until menopause. The over production of hormones can lead to excess sebum, that leads to bacterial infection, pimples and breakouts. Women are more prone to not outgrowing their acne, though there are men that experience adult acne due to unbalanced hormones or genes. If you manage to keep your body balanced as much as possible there is less chances, you’ll develop them
through adulthood.

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What You Eat Has Nothing to Do with It

There is a strong belief that acne is mostly due to our genes and if you are not prone to this type of gene you can eat anything you want or what you eat won’t matter if you are prone to it. This is completely false. Whatever you put in your body can affect your acne Foods that can aggravate acne can worsen it and people that are not prone to it can acquire acne by their food choices. If you eat poorly, eating too much fat, oily, filled with dairy food. You are surely going to get acne or worsen it. Make sure that you
lessen these types of food if you are prone to them. If you get acne due to your menstrual cycle, avoid acne causing food a week before your period.

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Makeup Will Worsen It

This is somewhat true. This mostly depends on the products you use. There are some products that can clog the pores and worsen acne. However, there are specific makeup that have no effect on acne. Skin experts suggest using powder based foundations that use natural and light ingredients. Powder products can help absorb the oils in the skin that can help prevent them from clogging your pores. If you can’t use powder foundation use liquid foundation that are non-comedogenic or ones that are specifically created for acne ridden skin.

Stress Has Nothing to Do with It

Anybody that has experienced acne due to stress will tell you that this is a hundred percent true. Stress affects our hormones a lot. Excessive amount and constant stress can lead to hormone imbalances. This will then lead to acne. Even people that are not prone to breakouts can acquire acne due to too much stress. People that experience this the most are teenagers and college students. They are more prone to stress acne. Beside hormone imbalance, stress can cause inflammation in the skin that can lead to skin irritation. There really is no medical way to cure stress induced acne. The only thing you can do is to simply reduce stress. Simply taking a few hours a day to nap or do yoga, can do wonders for your skin.

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Your Face Needs to Be Washed More Often

This is never a good idea even if you have the worst case of acne. Over washing irritates the skin. This can actually worsen the situation and further irritate present acne. This will also lead to more noticeable scarring. When you over wash your face, the natural oil is stripped away from the skin, making it go on
dehydrating mode. This leads to over production of oil, this then leads to breakouts, acne and clogged pores. Use a light weight cleanser and retinol cream on your skin not more than twice a day anything more is too much.

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There is a lot of scientific proof that deemed these myths as false or somewhat based on a little truth. We hope that this article helped shed a little light on acne and how we get them. Follow the tips aboveand share the truth about these myths with your friends.


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