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Cold Weather Must Have Product

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One of the hardest things to maintain is our skin, nails and hair. There are so many things that can affect them. The way we eat, the weather, the products we use, stress and so on. One of the worst ones is the weather. One day can be sunny another rainy. One day can be humid and the next week it would be
freezing cold. It’s really important to use the right products when the weather changes. You can’t keep on using the same ones all year long. Beside changing products, you should also use or add one for specific weather. Such as products that have high SPF levels during the summer, deep cleansers during windy seasons and special antiperspirants in incredibly hot and humid weather.
One of the worst weather for our body is freezing, dry and cold. We’ve compiled some of the best items we need to have
during winter or cold weather to keep our skin, nail and hair looking great.

Hand Lotion

We may need hand lotion all year long, but one of the most important time is during winter. Our hands are more prone to losing moisture and getting unwanted rough skin during
this weather. You should have a hand lotion handy in your bag, especially of you are someone that prefers not to wear gloves
during this weather. Pick Hand lotions that can give optimum hydration and would remain on your skin a lot longer. Cream based hand lotions are better during this season and gel or water based ones are better during hot weather. Try to use hand lotions every two hours to make sure that your hands are hydrated and supple. You can also massage the hand lotions on your nails
to prevent it from flaking or cracking. However, it is best to use products that are specifically made for your nails. He nails can lose moisture too, making it more prone to damage.

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This is something we tend to forget to apply during winter. Don’t get fooled by the lack of sunlight. We are still prone to sun damage during cold winter days. It’s important to never skip your sunscreen. Apply one all over your face and body. It’s okay to use a lower SPF lotion to during this time. If you forget to apply sunscreen during sunny winters, make sure that you cover yourself with protective gear such as hoodies, umbrellas, sunglasses and hats.


Winter or cold weather can cause our skin to look pale and sickly. Adding on bronzer to your skin can give you that sun kissed look. Opt for cream or liquid bronzer to make it appear natural. People withdark skin can use shimmery bronzers to make it appear glowing and supple.

Lip Balm

One of the areas that gets affected the most during cold weather is our lips. The harsh cold and wind can dry the lips leading to cracked lips. This can also lead to darkening of the lips and making you more prone to bleeding lips. This is the type of weather that you need to keep a lip balm handy at all times.
Keep one in your pocket at all times and use one every hour to prevent your lips from drying. It is important to wear lip balm under and over your lipstick if you plan to use one. This can prevent your lipstick from drying your lips or making it look dry. It’s best to avoid matte lipstick during cold weather, it can make it appear too dry.

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Face Mask

Your skin, mostly your face will experience a lot of exposure to harsh elements during the winter. The cold air can dry the skin, the wind can cause pollutants and dirt to get into the skin and the skin is more prone to skin irritation. It is important to regain back all the lost moisture and nutrients in the skin by using a rejuvenating mask. This can energize your skin a make sure it looks healthy through the cold weather. It’s best to use a rejuvenating and ultra-hydrating mask. Use it at least once
or twice a week.

Moisturizing Shampoo

Our hair is more prone to drying out and damage due to the low temperature and strong winds. You can hydrate it by using a moisturizing shampoo partnered with deep conditioning shampoo. Avoid shampooing your hair too much during cold weather. This can further dry out your tresses.

Are you ready for the cold weather? Look around for the best product for winter and keep your skin and
hair healthy all year long.


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