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Different Ways to Help You Sleep

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One of the worst feelings in the world is going through your day sleep deprived. We are not able to operate effectively and properly. We are easily irritated, lack focus, groggy and moody. Sleep is one of the most important things we need to keep our mind and body healthy. A good night’s sleep has the ability to repair, replenish and energize the body and mind. People that suffer from short term lack of sleep or recent insomnia will be more prone to stress and feel incredibly lethargic. People that suffer from long term sleep deprivation are more prone to depression, high blood pressure, stroke, cancer, obesity and more. Depending on sleeping medication can be difficult.
In the long run, it tends to lose a lot of their potency; causing you to increase the dosage. There are a lot of alternative things you can do to help you feel sleepy. Read on below and try which ones works best for you.

Pitch Black

A lot of people tend to keep a hint of light when they sleep. They open up a TV, natural light from the windows and even night lights. This habit is mostly ingrained in us due to our childhood or have a bit of fear in the dark. However, any form of light can keep you from sleeping. Light signals a part of our brain that tells us that we have to wake up. This is actually making you
fall asleep a lot longer. To trigger the natural production of melatonin in the body, the bedroom has to be completely dark. This tells your body that it is night time and it is required to sleep. This is often the reason why we feel a little sleepy if we stay in a dim room or be in a dark room for a long period of time.If you live with other people and it’s impossible to keep the room pitch dark, buy a good quality eye mask. One that can fully cover your
eyes and is a great fit to your head to allow movement.

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Some people prefer to have a little bit of music while they sleep and some prefer complete and utter silence. People that tend to live in the city can easily adapt to noisy sleeping environments, while others can’t. Thankfully, earplugs are here to save the day. This can be found in your local stores and can be incredibly cheap. Put one in your bedside table. Every time you feel like drowning the noise out use it.Though, avoid using it every day. If silence isn’t your thing, why not consider using a white noise machine or play relaxing music 2 hours before your bedtime. This can condition your brain to feel relaxed, helping you fall asleep faster.

Avoid Alcohol and Smoking 2 Hours Before Sleep

Some people can fall asleep faster with the help of alcohol. Though, alcohol actually prevents the body from falling asleep. It can slow down bodily function and keep you awake longer. Not only that, it can also affect your sleep pattern. It can disrupt your sleep and cause you to have an unsatisfying sleep. Smoking can also have the same effect and can actually make you more awake. This is why smoking and coffee is used to prevent from getting sleepy.

Work Out

People that have problems sleeping due to over thinking and stress should consider working out two hours before their bedtime. This helps the mind and body feel tired. This will help you fall asleep faster. This will also prevent your mind for over stressing and thinking before bedtime. If you are not a fan of
physical activities, try stretching of yoga. Just make sure to work out two or a few hours earlier than
your bedtime or it will keep you awake a lot longer.

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Using Drapes

Placing drapes or a small fort in your bed can help you fall asleep faster. Not only will this cut down the light and noise. It also makes the space purely your own. The idea that this is your sanctuary can calm your mind. This can also cause your body to associate being in your bed as a place to relax and sleep. If none of this works, why not consider using natural sleeping aids such as tea and supplements. If your lack of sleep is causing you to be incredibly forgetful, lethargic and prone to common illnesses; talk to your doctor. Ask them for the best way to fall asleep and alternatives you can try before opting for heavy
sleeping medication.

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