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Picking The Perfect Eyeshadow

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Walking through a makeup store, you will notice all types of makeup, but the makeup that has the most variety would be eye shadows. You’ll find rows and rows of different eyeshadows in makeup counters. It can be a little dizzying picking the right one for you. With all the choices, how can you pick one?  Ask yourself this question.

  • Why am I buying this for?
  • What Skin Type do I have?
  • What type best suits me?
  • Will my skin tone match the eyeshadow palette?
  • What suits my eye color?

Why are you buying new eyeshadow?

Have you run out of eye shadow and going out to buy a new one, or are you just bored with your current eyeshadow? Makeup product made for the eyes usually has a shelf life of 3 to 5 months only. Using it makes you more prone to eye infections. So, if you’re only buying one because there is a new trendy palette or color, think in through.

It’s great to buy and experiment with different eyeshadow, but don’t buy excessively that you have different expired palettes lying around.  If you are buying eyeshadow for a specific event, then purchase one that won’t put a dent in your budget, but if you plan to use this eyeshadow everyday pick one that is high quality and contains all the colors you need.

What is your skin type?

You need to determine your skin type for the perfect eye shadow, ask your sales attendant what the best eyeshadow for your dry, oily, combination or normal skin. Some eyeshadows are specifically designed for oily skin, preventing it from sliding of the eyelids. There are eyeshadows that are made to combat dry skin, preventing dry and chalky eye shadow.

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What type best suits you?

There are cream, pencil and  powder eyeshadow. It’s really hard to distinguish which one you need to buy. Powder eyeshadows are the most common ones in the market and the most versatile.

Cream eyeshadows are great for creating a more dramatic and vibrant look. Cream eyeshadows are great for dry skin type. Pencil eye shadows are amazing, they create a more defined look and can be easily blended on the skin. This is great for creating a more natural looking eyeshadow. The type or kind of eyeshadow you pick really depends on how you plan to use it.

Will your skin tone match the eyeshadow palette?

Dark Skin

– Find a palette that has a rich pigment. Colors like metallic golds, grays, purples, and other colors that are dark and  cool. Avoiding washing out your skin tone by using ashy or light colors such as white and peach.

Fair Skin

  • Picking eye shadow palettes that have soft and cool shades. Avoid gray and dark blues, applying too much of these shades on the eyelids can make you look bruised.

What suits your eye color?

Blue – Blue is a naturally cool color, the best way to make it pop is countering it warm toned colors such as browns.

Brown – Brown eyed people rejoice! Since brown is a neutral color almost any color or shade will suit that chocolate goodness in your eyes.

Green – One of the best eye shadow shade that helps boost the green eye color is purple based eyeshadows. Pick eye shadow palettes that have reddish undertones.

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Put It To The Test:

Most makeup counters allow customers to use their tester.  When checking eyeshadows check for pigments, texture and staying power.

  • Swipe the tester on the back of your hand. Eyeshadows with strong pigment will have a really vibrant and intense color. If you are looking for an eyeshadow that is bright pick one that is highly pigmented. Eyeshadows that are highly pigmented require very little product application.
  • If you swipe your eye shadow with your and powder starts to fly all over the place, means it is too powdery. Products like this tend to fall from the eyelids and run out faster than less powdery ones.
  • When you apply the product in the back of your hand does it stay even if you try to rub it off? The staying power of eyeshadows depends on you. If you like the products that really stick to the skin or products that washes off easily.

Eyeshadows are a great complement to mascaras and eyeliners. It can also be used for various places not only in the eye area. Eyeshadows are an important part of anybody’s makeup kit. Picking the right one and making sure you make the most out of your purchase is vital.  Make the most of your eyeshadow by picking the right palette and product for you.

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