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Haircolor Trends for 2015

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2014 was the year of the ombre hair color, the vibrant shades and the platinum blonde. A lot of celebrities and models sported the ombre look, may it be the gradual ombre or the reverse ombre. There was also a shift of caramel blondes to intense and bright platinum blondes. This is also the year that blues, purples, pinks, and other vibrant hair colors were introduced.

We are fast approaching the middle of 2015 and the hair color trends that started to pop up in the early months are starting to catch on and becoming a trend worldwide. Here are the color trends for 2015 and our future predictions.

1. The Balayage

Haircolor Trends for 2015

We saw this trend during the last few months of 2014 but has only caught on the early month of this year. The Balayage is a far less dramatic look from our hair color of the year ombre.

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The Balayage is more natural looking highlight that tries to imitate a more natural and Sunkissed looking highlights. Opting for a more natural colored highlight than those we come to know and love blonde and light highlight. This hair color is great for the summer and is an exceptional looking in long hair.

2. The Ecaille-Style

Haircolor Trends for 2015

This style has been seen around runways all over the world and has yet to catch on, but our radar says it will catch on soon. This is basically an opposite of the ombre. Nope, not the reverse ombre. This hair color is about making the hair darker instead of lighter. Most salons are aware of this hair color trend, but it is best to describe the style for yourself.

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The Ecaille-Style is adding in darker hair color on the roots of the hair and adding in some dark, low lights, adding shadow to the hair and creating brightness to the ends of the hair. The difference in hair color from the highlights, the roots and the rest of the hair should not be so different. The trick to this hair color is creating an illusion of light with the hair.

3. The Grays or Platinum

Haircolor Trends for 2015

We’ve been noticing a whole lot of celebrities trading in their natural blondes or browns into lighter shades of gray or ash colored hair. Some are sporting platinum blondes. They would usually pair this dramatic hair color with an edgy short bob haircut or a punk rock-ish pixie cut.

This hair color has been prominent in celebrities and socialites all over the world. They are now removing their natural blondes for a more distinguishable shade. This hair color is great with beautiful dark skin and a short graduated bob cut.

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4. The Warm Browns

Haircolor Trends for 2015

The opposite of the platinum and ash blonde color comes the warm brownies. Celebrities are now turning their lovely hair to warm browns. We’ve seen dramatic changes from celebrities turning their hair in different colors.

Now celebrities are turning heads for opting a more natural looking hair color. Removing their well known highlights and going for a one toned hair color. This hair color fits any skin type and any haircut. Famous celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon, Audriana Lima and Emma Watson are sporting the all natural warm browns.

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5. The Red

Haircolor Trends for 2015

The Past year was the year where bright flaming red hair color was a trend, is long gone. Now, the more subtle shades of red and violet are starting to emerge. Subtle shades used for highlights or undertones to brown hair are pushing into the red and violet side, instead of the blue and yellows we saw last year.

6. The Pixelated Hair Color

Haircolor Trends for 2015

Goodbye to pastel hair colors and vibrant highlights. Say hello to the edgy new hair color the pixilated hair. This dramatic hair color uses the illusion of pixilated hair color, this look is made by coloring different sections of the hair. Creating this hairstyle requires a lot skills and technique to pull off. Using various styles and techniques, famous hairdressers all over the world are putting in their spin to this new hair color trend.

Changing Haircolor is something anyone has to try at least once in their life. Like cutting your hair, coloring it can make you feel like a brand new person. Changing your color can also help enhance your features and skin tone. Try to experiment and find a hair color style that’s going to fit your personality.

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