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Glass Skin Care Routine

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If you have been keeping tabs on the latest Korean beauty trends, you’ve probably come across the Glass skincare routine. This trend first appeared when a photo of Ellie Choi on Instagram when viral. In her account, she posted her facial routine which ended up with her having that glass like quality on her skin. Although her skincare routine is almost the same as the 10-step skincare routine that Koreans often use, she added her own twist to it such as following a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water.

For those who are wondering how they can achieve that glass looking skin, here are the steps that you can take to achieve this.

Double-cleansing is a must

Cleansing is usually the first step to any skin care routine, but if you are trying to achieve the glass skin double-cleansing is a must. The first cleanse usually removes dirt, makeup, and sebum using a cleansing oil, followed by a facial wash that is foam-based. This is necessary to get rid of any remaining impurities. Compared to other skin care routine, Korean skin care focuses more on prepping the skin properly and what better way to do this than by double-cleansing?

Apply face mask

Shrinking your pores can be done with the help of a facial mask which should be done at least once a week. Choose a facial mask that has a gentle formula to prevent irritation and dryness. If you are going to look at most Korean skin care routine, you will find that facial masks are always needed as they not only help with closing up your pores, but they also give additional nourishment to your starved skin. This may seem like an extra step to your skin care routine, but you’ll be pleased with the outcome once you see the effects of having a face mask day. Think of it as a way of pampering yourself. You’ll be glad that you did.

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Start toning and brightening your skin

Having dull looking skin can make our confidence level go down. That being said, in order to achieve glass skin, you will need to make it appear luminous. In this skin care routine, you need to use a cream that not only brightens, but also rejuvenates your skin so that its natural radiance will appear.

Don’t forget to moisturize

Most skin care routine incorporates moisturizing the skin in their steps which isn’t surprising given that our skin may feel dry when there is a lack of moisture in the air. The same thing is applied in the glass skin care routine where you are encouraged to apply a rich moisturizer to bring your skin nourishment to the next level. You may think that this is too much, but if you really want to reveal that healthy, glowing skin that Koreans have, there is no such thing as too much moisturizing.

Choose the right foundation

After you are done with your glass skin care routine, you’re now ready to wear makeup. In order to avoid negating all the effort that you have put when it comes to cleansing your skin, choose a foundation that is light, dewy, and formulated for the type of skin that you have. Instead of leaving your skin greasy, yours will end up like a shard of glass that shines but without any flaws.

It’s not surprising that a lot of women are trying out this new skin care trend in Korea, because not only is this applicable to popular stars in Korea, everyone can actually achieve it.

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