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Impressive Beauty Uses of Colloidal Silver

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Have you heard of colloidal silver? If not, continue reading this article especially if you are a beauty-conscious person and you are constantly on the hunt for some cheap and all-natural remedies for the most frequently encountered cosmetic nightmares out there. Below you will learn about the many impressive beauty perks of colloidal silver.

But before we do that, let’s first devote a little of our time to knowing colloidal silver more. After all, it is very important that you are aware of anything that you are applying on your skin.

When you inspect colloidal silver, it looks just like water. However, observing a drop of it under a microscope will reveal the fact that it is no ordinary liquid — there are tiny, tiny particles of silver suspended in it. Silver has numerous health benefits to offer, and that is why colloidal silver is revered for the many perks that it can bring.

Colloidal silver is known most especially for its ability to control inflammation. It’s also capable of zapping microbes like bacteria, viruses and fungi. Because of the said properties of colloidal silver, it is commonly used for disinfecting minor wounds and also managing various forms of infections, such as sinusitis, pink eyes and even the common cold.

Now that you are acquainted with colloidal silver, it’s now time for us to discuss the reason why you are still reading this article, and that’s knowing the various beauty uses of colloidal silver that are proven effective!

Pimple and Acne Control

Many swear by the effectiveness of daubing a little colloidal silver on pimples and acne. This really easy beauty tip works so well because colloidal silver is capable of dealing with bacteria and inflammation, both of which can be blamed for pimple and acne breakouts!

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Scar Improvement

You may also regularly apply colloidal silver on unsightly scars to have their appearance improved after some time. It is said that colloidal silver is very good at stimulating the healing of skin. Because of that, its regular application can help in replacing old scarred tissue with new tissue.

Fine Line and Wrinkle Reduction

Because colloidal silver is known for its skin tissue-renewing properties, it is also commonly used as an anti-aging agent, which means that it is capable of reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Actually, there are a number of creams, lotions and serums for dealing with fine lines and wrinkles that have colloidal silver in them.

Rash Soothing

Colloidal silver may also be applied on skin rash to help soothe its itchiness or stinging sensation. And thanks to its antimicrobial properties, the rash you have can be kept from worsening. Sometimes, a mixture of colloidal silver and manuka honey is used for treating rash so effectively.

Insect Bite Alleviation

The problem with insect bites is they are not only itchy or stinging, but they could also end up infected and even lead to scarring. As soon as you discover an insect bite, daub a little colloidal silver on it. Doing so will help soothe the discomfort or pain, and also keep an infection from striking.

Minor Cut or Scrape Healing

Speaking of preventing an infection, you may also apply colloidal silver on minor wounds to zap present bacteria, thus saving it from becoming infected. Once the wound has healed, you may continue applying colloidal silver as it can prevent it from ending up as a scar, just like what’s discussed earlier in this article.

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