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Utilizing Mantra Meditation For Spiritual Enlightenment

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The Mantra meditation is one of the most popular forms of meditation being practice by both spiritual and secular followers of the meditative process. This form of meditative technique was first observed by Tibetans and Indians who practiced Hinduism. According to their system, spiritual enlightenment can only be attained if there is an open connection and communication with the Supreme Being by means of repeated recitation of a mantra.

Many people prefer Mantra Meditation over the other types because it needs a few ingredients for it be effective. These are the things that you need to know before starting off with this type of meditation:

  • Know what mantra to use. There are no strict guidelines as to what should an individual use for meditation. Take note that a mantra is defined as a set of words or a group of sentences that create a distinct sound. This sound is believed to be a living force that can be a source of energy to quench your own thirst for it, or as a medium to communicate and connect with the Supreme Being. One thing that you should remember when choosing your mantra is that it has to be something that is tailor-made for your life. This mantra will resonate from your inner self into the universe. Be sure that it is composed of positive words and should also encourage and invite good vibrations from the universe.
  • Master the proper way of breathing. Pranayama or yogic breathing refers to the proper way by which air is inhaled into the body and how it should be exhaled out of the system. Proper breathing induces relaxation and frees the body of muscle tension. It is not only geared towards meditation, but it also prevents certain diseases from invading your physical body. Remember that the manner of your breathing directly reflect your emotions and feelings. Correct breathing once adapted will help you in maintaining a more positive outlook in everyday life.
  • Maximize your mantra meditation experience by learning proper body alignment. It really does not matter whether you are assuming a standing, supine, or sitting position. What is important is that your spine is in a straight line. This promotes relaxation for the body that then leads to a deeper meditative level.
  • Mantra meditation is highly advised to be done in the morning. High suggestibility occurs after rising up in the morning. If you woke up on the
    wrong side of the bed, you can still reverse this and lead a brighter and more upbeat day through mantra meditation before starting any activity or interacting with other people.
  • Find a peaceful spot where you will be conducting your daily mantra meditation. If you have a spare room in your house where you can meditate, that will be the best place inside your house. If not, find a place free of distractions and external stimuli like sound, draft, and people. If possible plan your meditative process in a fixed time during the morning, ands ask people around your house if you have family members living with you to consider that time as your alone time. If you want to add scented candles and incense on your meditation spot, go ahead and do so. These olfactory stimuli will further enhance your mantra meditation experience
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The Mantra Meditative process primarily aims to finding spiritual happiness and contentment. It stresses the fact that we are hostages of our temporal needs for material things. At the end of the day, we are all spiritual beings, whose main source of joy and happiness will be a deeper and closer relationship with the Supreme Being through peaceful mantra meditation.

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