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Pre-Bedtime Habits That Can Make You Gain Weight

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Do you like staying up late? Watching your favorite show while munching on some potato chip laying on the couch? Your pre- bedtime habits can be causing your weight gain.

Sleeping in late and staying in late can be causing havoc inside your body. Having at least eight hours of sleep is essential to having a healthy body and better eating habits, but there are still some habits you do at night beside sleeping in late that may cause your weight gain. Here are a few you need to stop doing.

1. Staying In Bed During Weekends

Waking up later than your normal time during the weekdays can increase your risk of obesity and health problems. Changing your natural body clock can affect weight gain. The more severe the time change the worse it can be for your body. It is said to disrupt healthy habits and make you feel exhausted most days.

2. Eating Before Bedtime

Eating a few minutes before sleeping can make you gain weight for obvious reasons. While we sleep we still digest food and we digest food faster, but what’s causing your weight gain is calorie burn. We don’t burn as much calories when we are asleep. The calories you just ingested isn’t getting burned causing weight gain. Eating right before bedtime can also alter your sleeping habits. It is best to eat 2 to 3 hours before bedtime to fully digest the food.

3. Quick Meals

After work we tend to feel too tired to actually cook a proper meal, causing us to eat instant noodles, a bag of chips or box of cookies. Not only is these meals unhealthy,  but they are hard to digest. Avoid this by preparing your meals or buying healthy take away.

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4. Alcohol Consumption

A glass of wine is healthy for the body, but a case of beer or a bottle of white wine isn’t. Too much alcohol before bedtime can alter your hormones, metabolism and digestion. Alcohol slows down the systems down and can cause you to have hunger pangs or cravings.  Yup, alcohol is the reason why you crave that midnight gooey cheese filled nachos.

5. Watching TV During Diner

Zoning out while watching TV and eating diner can cause your weight gain. Eating mindlessly can cause you to overeat and crave more food. Focusing on your eating can help you lessen consumption. Eating slowly while help you digest food faster and actually enjoy your meal instead of wondering where your food  went.

6. After Dinner Sweet

At night some of us tend to crave sweets after dinner. Grabbing that bar of chocolate or digging into that tub of ice cream isn’t helping you. This can increase your blood sugar at night and make you gain weight. Instead of getting your sweets, try drinking warm tea or water to curb the craving. Avoid eating anything solid after dinner.

7. Sleeping With A Nightlight

Light during bedtime can affect your quality of sleep and help pack on the pounds. When we have even a tiny sliver of light can cause your hormones to change. The stress hormone cortisol is relatively high with light. This hormone can cause cravings and abnormal sleeping patterns. Turn off all the lights before you go to sleep and leave the gadgets outside. 

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8. Portion Size

Eating family style can be causing you to increase you to increase your portion size. Always measure your meals to avoid overeating and prevent eating too much carbohydrate at night.

9. Turning On The Heater

People that tend to sleep in cold temperature are less likely to gain weight. Our body naturally cools down when we are at rest, leaving the body to repair itself. This includes digestion and calorie burning. Sleeping in a hot or warm temperature room can disrupt the bodies function. Sleep in a room that is preferably below 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Not getting enough sleep will help you increase your waistline. The body balances and repairs itself while we sleep. Not getting enough sleep can alter the body’s natural hormone level and system function.

People that lack sleep can gain 6  to 7 pounds in a few months of unhealthy sleeping habits.  Improve your over all health and keep the pounds off by getting enough sleep and prevent this weight gaining bedtime habits.

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