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Beauty Tips from Hardware Supplies

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There are a few reasons for you to go to your local hardware store. Got a leaky faucet? A new DIY project? Planning to repaint the kitchen? All of the items you’ll be needing is in your hardware store. There are a lot of items here that can help with all your household issue. But, have you ever considered going to your hardware store for your beauty needs? Doesn’t really seem like a fit, right? However, there are numerous items in your local hardware stores that can do wonders to your beauty dilemmas. The next time you go to the store, consider picking up these multipurpose hardware and beauty supplies. Let’s get into the details about hardware / beauty supplies.

Sand Paper

When you think about sand paper, the last thing you would think about is applying this hardware item on your skin. But, these useful items not only helps smoothen out edges of furniture and wood, it can also give you a mean pedicure and exfoliation. Sandpaper contains a rough exterior that is perfect for exfoliating the sole of the feet and can even work on the nails. Use a fine grit sand paper to remove dead skin cells in your heels. Start by soaking your feet in warm water and leave it in for 5 to 10 minutes. Once the skin becomes soft – use the sand paper on your heel. Use gentle circular strokes to remove the dead skin cells. Do not rub too aggressively. Soak the skin in water again when it completely dries. Feel the skin, once it is smooth pat dry and apply lotion or any type of moisturizer. You can also use sand paper to even out nails.

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Duct Tape

Duct tape is one of the items in your list that you usually use in your home. You can use it to help pack boxes, secure items and not to help fight off warts. Yes, warts! Those little blemishes that you get on your skin. Warts are contagious and can appear all over your body, most especially your face and they are incredibly hard to get rid of. Warts are caused by a virus that cannot be easily removed with any DIY recipe. Your immune system must be kicked into high gear to get rid of it. Duct tape can help kick start the healing. Place duct tape in the affected area every night. This can also isolate the warts preventing it from spreading and the adhesive on the tape will hasten the healing time.

Absorbent Cloths

You know those infomercials with highly absorbent cloths? Those items are great to have in the house. It can help remove spills easily and clean cars gently. The high absorbing property of these cloths is perfect for the skin and hair as well. You can use this multipurpose item to dry hair quickly and reduce damage caused by excessive rubbing or friction. This is also a great item to have when going out. It can help easily absorb sweat and water on the skin. Just make sure to keep it clean before using on the skin or hair.

Clear Tape

Another multipurpose and useful item to have in your home is clear tape. You can use it to fix torn pages, securing labels and so on. It is much more gentle than duct tape, making it great for the skin. You can use this tape to remove dry skin on your lips, create sharp lines when creating eye makeup and using it for nail art design. To prevent wounds on your lips, apply the tape downward and pull it upward. This will prevent too much tugging on the lips causing breaks.

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Paint Sponges

Paint sponges aren’t only used for painting, but for a variety of tasks. Some of the beauty task, it can help you with is de-puffing your eyes. Cut paint sponges to the size you want and dampen it. Place it in the freezer overnight and use them on your eyes when you wake up. You can also use this trick for muscle pain and fevers. Place a damp paint sponge in zip lock bag and freeze. Apply it to reduce your fever and freeze again if needed. This is a great alternative to ice since it will not cause a mess. You can also do the opposite and damping the sponge in hot water or microwaving the damp sponge. Wrap it in a towel before applying to the affected area.

What do you think about these hardware / beauty supplies? These tricks are some great go to items that you can use when you don’t have the usual items at home. If you experience any type of skin irritation or pain when using these items, stop using them immediately. Make sure that the items you are using is sanitary and not harsh on the skin. Have you tried any of these items for your beauty routine before? Share with us other hardware / beauty items that you use!

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