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A Greasy Woman’s Guide to Hair

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Yes, believe it! There is an easy solution to oily hair—just  make it a point to wash it more often.  But then again don’t you think it’s a bit unfair for you to be rightly chained to your shower ridding your head of oil and grime, when there are tons of celebrities out there who wash their hair only once a week and still end up looking great?

So below is a list of the most common oily hair dilemmas and a bit of advice on what to do about each of it.  Check how you can deal with everything–from skipping shampoos to having sweaty gym hair and more.

Problem #1. You need to wash your hair every freaking day!

Like most of your body parts, your hair could benefit heaps if placed on some kind of a training regimen.  Yes, hair gyms are not an invented concept yet, but many hairstylists agree that with given some time, your scalp can be “trained” to need less shampoo sessions.  Hair gurus say that after a few missed hair washing sessions, the hair and scalp will then get used to the introduction of a new shampoo cycle/regimen.  The key here is to train your scalp to not want so much of shampoo cleanings.

To start, ease into your new regimen by replacing a shampoo night with just a “rinse” night—meaning, washing your head with water only and not with shampoo.  Another is by switching into a gentler shampoo variety that won’t strip the hair of its natural protective qualities.

Problem #2.  The shampoo you’re using doesn’t seem to be fulfilling its job!

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You say dry shampoo but is it really? The label may say so but you feel it to be more like a dry texture spray which for all intents and purposes, add movement and texture to hair but doesn’t sop up any oil.

To remedy this, find a dry shampoo that’s composed of loose powder that you can shade into your hair—the more fine and powdery it is, the better.  When applying dry shampoos, flip your hair upside down and spray underneath while working your way forward. If you’re without an aerosol, just dust the powder lightly in your hands and rub it in your hair to create volume.

Problem #3. Your hair is oily on the roots and dry in the ends.

Don’t fret, millions of women in the planet are on the same boat. People have oil glands that produce oil by the roots but more often than not, that oil fails to travel down the of the hair shaft.

Solution?  Get a brush with boar bristles and start brushing the grease all the grease from roots to tips.  May sound all icky to some, but the oil is actually great for moisturizing your hair ends.

Problem #4. How do you deal with sweaty, gym hair?

Contrary to popular belief, gym hair is not full of oil, it’s just a head full of sweat which means dry shampoo won’t be your best option.  A lot of hair pros suggest using a spray bottle filled with water and start spritzing it to damp hair. Once done, re-blow it out using a round-head brush.  For those with finer hair, you may try drying your hair with cool air then apply dry shampoo to it after.

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