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Healthy Alternatives to Stress Eating

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Put simply, stress eating is the act of turning to food in order to release stress or tension. There are times in which it’s also referred to as emotional eating due to the fact that it can also be triggered by any strong emotion such as anger, depression, anxiety and even excitement.

While it may seem as though it is capable of lowering your stress, the fact is stress eating can make matters worse as it can cause complications such as sugar crash, increased blood sugar, elevated blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity.

Needless to say, it’s a terrible idea for you to resort to stress eating while in the middle of or after a particularly exhausting day. The good news is that there are so many healthy alternatives to stress eating that can help you attain much-needed relief from stress or tension without stuffing your face, and some of the best can be found below — so don’t stop reading now if you’re someone who is prone to having high levels of stress and stress eating, too!

Got some family members and friends who are evidently stress eaters? Then make sure that you repost this article later on before you go so that they, too, may be able to give the following a try rather than gobble up lots and lots of chips, fries, pizza, donuts, cupcakes, cookies and ice cream:

Take Slow, Deep Breaths

One of the quickest ways to lower your stress and urge to stress eat is to take a few slow and deep breaths. Doing this sends a message to your brain to cause your mind and body to calm down and relax. Taking slow, deep breaths for 5 to 10 minutes is usually enough to fend off stress and stress eating, too.

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Get in Touch With a Loved One

Calling a beloved family member or close friend is a good idea as it can help considerably lower your stress levels and also take your mind away from foods that you love devouring each time you are feeling stressed. Getting in touch with a loved one not only saves you from stress eating, but also strengthens your ties with people that matter the most.

Listen to Music

Something as simple as playing relaxing music is enough to drive away stress eating. However, a lot of people prefer to play up-tempo songs and dance to them, too, in battling stress and stress eating — it also allows you to get your dose of cardiovascular exercise that’s good for the mood, waistline and heart.

Get a Professional Massage

Rather than hit your favorite fast food joint or pastry shop to pig out, step foot inside the local day spa and get a professional massage. You may also avail of various relaxing services or treatments that can help lower your stress levels by making you look and also feel wonderful.

Write in a Journal

You can deal with stress so much better by writing your thoughts and emotions on a piece of paper instead of munching on unhealthy foods. It’s a great idea for you to keep a diary or journal especially if you are leading a stressful everyday life in order to fend off complications associated with too much stress and regular stress eating.

Check Out Funny Online Videos

Fending off stress eating may also be done by logging on the web and watching some funny video clips — scientists say that laughter is not only the best medicine, but also a phenomenal stress reliever. Just stick to YouTube and avoid checking out your social media feed as it will only leave you feeling even more stressed and wanting to pig out.

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Basically, just about any stress-relieving activity that works for you can be regarded as an effective way to beat stress eating. Feel free to share in the comments section below some of the activities you opt for to have your stress levels lowered.

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