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Boost Your Memory With This Easy To Do Trick

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Ever find yourself forgetting to remember some stuff or small details? If you are, then doing this one trick may help you remember.

This trick is so easy, you’re probably doing it already.


A recent study published in Legal and Criminal Psychology, suggested that closing your eyes can actually help you to remember things.

In the studies conducted, researchers had people watch a short film and then recall details by answering a series of questions from the film. Those who were instructed to keep their eyes closed answered correctly 23% most of the time, compared to the people who were instructed to keep their eyes open.

The two joint studies were composed of approximately 178 participants, watching a film about a burglary and they were asked to recall details about it. Those who had their eyes closed were able to recall more from the film including auditory details.

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The findings concluded that cutting out interference from your surroundings, by simply closing your eyes can help an individual focus more intensely in remembering important pieces of information. Or to simply explain it, closing your eyes reduce distractions, making it so much easier to remember tiny details.

So the next time you find yourself struggling to remember things, just close your eyes.

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