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Ways to Make Your Lips Look Bigger

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Since most of us aren’t born with pouty, full lips, a lot of very ingenious people have devised a way to create them. There are injections that can help increase the size of the lips and make it fuller. There are also more temporary ways to plump up the lips such as plumping lipstick or lip plumping devices. Besides these there are other things you can do to help enhance those lips. A little bit of makeup illusion and proper lip care, then you are on your way to getting full and luscious lips.

Beauty enthusiast and makeup artist have shared tips and tricks to plump up that pucker. Here are a few you can try.

Lipstick Choices:

Dark lipstick can make the lips appear more receding. Like the power of highlighting and contouring. Applying a light colored lipstick will make the lips appear more protruding and dark colored lipstick will make it appear receding.  Applying lip gloss will also make the lips appear thinner. When picking a lipstick stick to matte lipstick or lipsticks with a shiny finish. You can create an illusion of bigger lips if you apply the matte lipstick all over your lips and applying the shiny finish on the middle of your lips and Cupid ’s bow.

Highlighting and Contouring the Lips:

Apply a light brown eyeliner pencil underneath your lower lip line. Blend it out to make it appear that you have a shadow. Use a nude lip liner or white eyeliner pencil on your cupid’s bow. Create the letter M above your upper lip and blend it. This will create the illusion of light on the lips.

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Learn How To Draw Your Lips:

Learning to overdraw your lips can be difficult, but it surely is manageable. Look into a mirror and determine your lip shape.

  • Oval Lips – Lips that lack a cupid’s bow. These lips appear to oval and flat. To create volume by adding definition to the lips. Create a false cupid’s bow with concealer and lip liner. Apply concealer on the whole upper lip and draw out a false cupids bow with lip liner. You can also draw beyond your natural lip line, if you have thin upper or lower lips. Fill in the lips with matte lipstick.
  • Thin Lower or Upper Lips – When you have thin lower or upper lips all you have to do is to balance out the shape of the lips. Draw above your natural lip line with a lip liner and apply concealer on the lips. Apply your regular lipstick in the space between the lip liners.
  • Down-turned Lips – Lips that is down-turned appear sad or frowning. You can alter down-turned lips by creating an illusion of upturned lips. Apply concealer all over the lips and draw on the side exceeding the natural lip line to create upturned lips. Create a V like shape from the philtrum to one fourth of the lower lip. Fill this in with lip liner and apply lipstick all over the lips and lip liner.
  • Uneven Lips – Some people have uneven lips, they have lips that are flatter on one side or more protruding on the other. You can simply correct this by balancing out the lips with lip liner. Apply the techniques above and balance out the shape of the lips.
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Fuller Lips Without Over Drawing:

  • You can apply lip balm on the lips, then apply foundation on top. Remove any excess lip balm on the side to prevent it from smudging. Apply lip liner and lipstick. Your lip will appear fuller and moister.
  • Apply a dab of lip gloss in the middle of your lips after applying lipstick to make it appear plump.
  • Apply your lip liner on your natural lip line and create diagonal lines on your lower lips. Apply the same lip liner on the inner corners of the upper lips. Blend everything out before applying matte lipstick. This will create an illusion of plumper lips.
  • Brush your lips before applying make-up. This will promote blood circulation and make the lips appear pinkish and plumper.
  • Apply a white eyeliner pencil in the middle of the lips and gently blend it to lessen the lightness. Apply your lipstick on top and put on your lip gloss. This will create an illusion of light in the middle of the lips making it appear fuller.
  • Exfoliate your lips with sugar and oil or a soft towel. Removing dead skin cell will make the lips appear fuller and improve lipstick staying power.
  • Ombre lips can make the lips appear fuller. Simply apply your lipstick as usual. Apply a lip liner that is two or three shades darker on the corner of your lips. Blend out the lip liner inward, create the illusion of ombre lips.

Try out these easy to do tricks and tips to make your lips look bigger. Tell us some tips you know to get fuller lips!

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