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Habits That Are Making You Sick

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Keeping ourselves healthy all the time is a lot easier said than done. We can work out every day and eat healthy and we can still get a cold here and there and even get a serious illness. Sometimes, even out healthy habits are causing us to become sick. Most of us believe that the key to maintain a healthy body is through exercise and supplements. However, overdoing this can put you at risk of illness. There are also some everyday habits we do that we don’t think as much, but is putting you at risk. It is not possible to be healthy all the time, but there are a lot of things you can do to reduce your risk of getting sick. One of the things you can do is to remove or improve the habits that are making you more prone to it.

Lack of Diversity in Your Diet

You may be eating healthy food all day long, but eating the same type of fruits and vegetable all day  every day will make you prone to illness. Your body relies on different vitamins and minerals to function properly. Your immune system depends on nutrients to function properly. On these nutrients to fight off bacteria and viruses. As we get along our diet or “healthy eating regime” we go for ones that are easy to prepare and store. Lack of certain vitamins will make us more prone to illness. For example, people that lack vitamin a are more prone to infection since this vitamin helps with the production of white blood cells. Vitamin E can help with respiratory infections. Just looking at your diet you will know which type of vitamin or mineral you lack. You can balance it out by using supplements your doctors advise you to take or add more variety to your diet

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Staying at Home

A lot of people believe that staying at home will significantly reduce the chances of getting sick. Well, in a sense it does protect you. You are less prone to viral infections that you can get in crowded areas or something that is airborne. However, we live in a time where you can do almost anything at home and without going further than your garage. Some people work at home and often times stay there for days, this is fine if you at least spend a few minutes outside to soak up the sun. Yes, most people that spend their time indoors or even work night shifts do not get enough sunlight. We need sunlight to boost vitamin D production. This vitamin is known to help boost the immune system and bone strength. The recommended dosage is two thousand to five thousand IU. Vitamin D deficiency can cause lead to celiac disease and hypothyroidism. You can reduce this by going for early morning walks at least 15 minutes day.

Skipping Breakfast

It is a common habit that most of us do. Mornings are chaotic, especially if you live a hectic lifestyle, but breakfast is necessary to keep you healthy. A hearty meal at the start of your day can help increase your energy levels, boost your immune system and make less prone to cravings. If you are trying to lose weight, breakfast is the worst meal to skip. It increases your hunger levels during the day and can even cause lethargy.

Nail Biting

There was a story where a kid used to get sick often because he like touching his food when he ate. The doctors didn’t know why he was so prone to illness until they realize that he never learned to wash his hands after using the bathroom. So, imagine that when you bite your nails even if you wash your hands a few times a day. Your nails can be easily filled with bacteria and dirt that can get stuck between your teeth.

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Not Disinfecting

You do not have to disinfect every few hours, but know in certain situations that you have to. How many times have you accidentally touched your face or shakes other people’s hand after holding the handrail on the subway? Public areas that are easily accessible such as public bathrooms, hand rails, office doors and even your office pantry table can be filled with germs and bacteria. You can reduce your chances of infection by simply having a disinfectant wipe or spray that you can use to clean up your hands or even your desk.

By simply changing or removing some of these habits, we can leave a healthier lifestyle. This will help reduce the chances of illness and common injuries. Our body and mind requires a lot of maintenance. Poor eating habits, lack of exercise, stress and vices are the top causes of illnesses. Besides following these tips make sure that you eat healthy, work out at least 15 minutes a day and remove unnecessary vices such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. 

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