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The Do’s and Don’ts for Achieving a Healthy Set of Nails

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Start taking a closer look at your fingernails. Do they look healthy and strong? Are there dents or ridges present? Have you noticed any unusual color or shape? A lot of undesirable nails conditions can be avoided through the employment of proper fingernail care. So here’s what you need to know to keep those fingernails in great shape.

Your Fingernails: What’s Normal and What is Not

The fingernails are composed of keratin which is a kind of protein that grows from the base of your nail under your cuticle. Fingernails are considered healthy if they look smooth and free from creases,
grooves or pits. Their color and consistency is als
o an indication of its health.
In a lot of cases, your fingernails may develop a f
ew harmless vertical ridges that may run from the
cuticle up to nail tip and these ridges may become
more prominent as your age advances. Fingernails
may also develop white spots or lines that are a re
sult of injury; however these lines may soon grow o
along with the nail itself.
Not all nail conditions are considered normal. Cons
ult a doctor immediately if you’ve noticed any of t
A dark streak under the nail or if you have noticed
any changes in the color of your entire nail.
If your nail starts to curl or if you notice any ch
anges in its shape.
If your nails starts to thicken or thin out.
If your nails starts to separate itself from the sk
in surrounding it.
If there’s bleeding around the nails.
If there is swelling or pain in the area.
Your Fingernails: The Do’s and Don’ts of Fingernail
In order to ensure that your fingernails stay healt
hy and nice-looking, you need to do the following:
Keep your nails clean and dry. Doing this can preve
nt bacteria from proliferating under your
fingernails. Prolonged and repeated contact with wa
ter may result to weakened fingernails that
are prone to breakage and splitting. When washing d
ishes or doing any activities that may
involve the use of water or any harsh chemicals, ma
ke sure that you protect your nails by
donning cotton-lined rubber gloves.
Practice good nail hygiene. Employ the use of sharp
manicuring tools and trim your nails across
then round its tips in a gentle curve.
Make moisturizing a habit. When apply lotion to you
r hands, don’t forget your nails. Rub the oil
or lotion into your nails and cuticles too in order
to keep them supple and smooth.
Apply an extra coat of protection. Applying nail ha
rdeners can help in keeping your fingernails
Inquire about biotin. A lot of research has proven
that biotin, a nutritional supplement, can help
weak and brittle fingernails go stronger.
n order to avoid nail damage, make sure that you DON
’T do the following:
Pick at your cuticles and bite your nails. What the
se habits do is damage your nail bed and when
this happens, even a little cut alongside your nail
can allow bacteria or fungi into your skin and
cause an infection.
Pull off hangnails. A lot of impatient people tend
to just pull off any hangnails that they may
notice, however in doing so, you might rip live tis
sues too along with the hangnail. So instead of
pulling it off, clip your hangnails off carefully.
Ignore symptoms or possible problems. If you notice
a nail problem that seemed persistent and
hard to banish, then it’s time to consult a doctor
for an evaluation.
Use harsh chemicals or nail care products. It’s bes
t to limit your use of nail-polish removes. And
if you must use one, choose a variant that is aceto
ne-free, so it will be a bit gentler to your nails.
Something to keep in mind when it comes to manicure
s and pedicures:
If you’re a fan of pedicures and manicures to produ
ce a healthy-looking set of nails, then here are a
things to keep in mind.
Go to salons that have a current license displayed
and employ nail technicians who are licensed
by the state board as well.
Refrain from getting your cuticles removed as it c
an lead to nail infections.
Ensure that all the manicure/pedicure tools are san
itized before use to prevent the possible
spread of infections.

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