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A Dozen Good Habits for Aging Gracefully (and Minimally)

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Do you really have to have as much financial pull as a well off celebrity or duchess to have the health and aesthetic maintenance of one?

Well, how were people strong and fit before with good skin and a generally healthy weight?  They did not overdo the relaxation and laziness of this generation and they came from a setup where they not only worked for food but natural products were more widely in use.  All these modern conveniences bombard us with highly expensive creams, lotions and peels along with expensive mineral makeups, horrific diet pills, weight loss supplements that can ruin your digestive system, cosmetic surgeries to take away flab that could easily be jogged away or facial wrinkles.  These are expensive procedures that are not always safe, healthy and can be difficult to maintain.

We have to prioritize the quality of our vitality, our health and strength over mere appearance.  Appearance does follow when you start from being truly healthy and stronger within.  When a person is healthy deep down to his very gut and heart and cells- it is the best beauty treatment and renders the best results for a most natural, untouched yet improved look.  The true look of beauty is made up of good health, strength and happiness or a general positive attitude.

You will get the most and the best out of your physical attributes if you go for the most natural and oldest remedies which is the healthiest and most affordable beauty treatment from inside out.  What goes in your mind and body, the quality of food, drinks, exercise and yes thoughts affect the health of every cell.

Won’t you agree starting from the outside first is unwise and not as effective in maintaining real vitality?  Respect what is natural and what works.  You can spend thousands or hundreds of thousands for beauty and cosmetics but those people get gutted when they see people who maintained youthfulness and strength through common sensical natural procedures.

  1. Drinking water frequently, don’t wait for your mouth to dry and neck/head to ache.
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How many people get sick from dehydration?  Too many to count and at times hospitals won’t say it was just dehydration and lack of exercise.  They may prescribe drugs right away.

  1. Replace sodas and processed juice drinks with real fruit juice, teas, even black coffee and homemade brews.

This craving is easy to kill.  Just because you can find something everywhere and poorly mimics fruit does not mean you have to go for it.  These fake food cravings are programmed addictions.  Go for lemon water, cucumber-melon water, berry and chia water, there are many ways to jazz up water itself.  As for juices go for a real whole fruit instead or buzz it in a blender for juice or smoothies that are guiltless.  If you will use a sweetener make it very little and a healthier substitute like light fruit syrup, honey, stevia, or very little brown sugar.  Say no to white sugar as much as possible.  Teas and tea-juice fusions insure your regular sugar levels and detoxes your systems.

  1. Have a balanced, fun and fulfilling diet.

No starving, no overeating, no eating once or twice a day only.  Do not be heavy on carbs unless you worked out hard, are sick or happen to be both hungry and a little weak.  Minimize carbs and make vegetables, both leafy and starchy to be the food pyramid base.  The classic food pyramid is outdated, not everyone needs so much carbs every time.  We lack fiber more often than carbs.  Have lean meats and minimized red meat fat.  Do not omit carbs, fiber, protein and fat whatever your diet may be.  If you do not eat meat, get protein elsewhere, do not cover your protein hunger with sugar, carbs and fat.  Also avoid sugar as much as possible unless a natural, healthy source such as fruits.

  1. Never stop exercising, the mix is all up to you just don’t stop physical activity.
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Morning walks by yourself or with the dog, full body stretches that are slow and gentle, along the lines of yoga, tai chi or a soft dance class maybe?  A lot of people have forgotten to use their bodies and results in quick aging as the bones and muscles crumble.  Just do something, you do not have to be a triathlete or Olympian, just don’t be a couch potato.

  1. Do not have a too-crazy sleep schedule unless your job calls for it, assuming you are happy with that job.

Bad sleeping habits wrecks the quality of life and overall mood heavily.  Never lose track of your sleep hours, too much and too little are both weakening to the body.

  1. Have natural supplements of vitamins and minerals, do not go for prescription chemical drugs.

What is up with the over prescription of unnatural drugs our bodies do not agree well with?  Why go for those pills that can’t be mixed well with other drugs or alcohol or even driving?  There is good ‘ol vitamin C, B-complex, fish oil, multivitamins, and countless other extracts and natural remedies such herbs and spices.  Eastern and Western medicine should shake hands, though I believe Eastern has the upper hand and should be followed more.

  1. Control your stress, manage any anger, anxiety or pride issues maturely.

Stress ages people very fast, if not so much outwardly it starts weakening your cells and immune system.  You become an emotional or angry, unhealthy mess.  Practice kindness, patience and thought organization.

  1. Be happy with what you have, try to catch the morning sun and appreciate the small things.
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You will never feel good about yourself or anything real if you do not respect and appreciate the generosity of the world.

  1. Care for your skin, a bit more soap product selectiveness and some lotion a few times a week won’t hurt. Natural or organic is best of course.  

There are organic beauty products out there for all uses and you can also get some natural oils that smell nice and sometimes taste yummy.  Virgin coconut, virgin olive, lavender, clove, peppermint, eucalyptus and tea tree oil are a few great examples for moisturizing.   Apple cider or another kind of sweet, fruity smelling vinegar can be slightly watered down and dabbed on the face with a cotton ball to act as a cleansing toner.

  1. Even if it does not pay much or at all, engage in a hobby that tugs your interest.

How else would you not rot of boredom in life, everyone has got to encourage themselves to commit to a hobby.  You can even make lots of money from your hobby, given enough time and love.

  1. Be nice to yourself, starting with your own thoughts.

We are our worst critic.  Very bashing or self-derogatory talk does the opposite of helping.  This ages and weakens people fast, plus you will not get anywhere with self-loathing.  It keeps you from doing things.

  1. Go spoil yourself.

Last but not the least.  Don’t overthink it.  Make yourself a hot or cold drink and enjoy how you are planning to spend a good day with yourself.  Night out with drinks?  Shopping?  Spa?  A movie and food place you have never tried? (it’s okay if the food is a little unhealthy, you can have cheat days!!)

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