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Investing in yourself

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Just as we invest in having a nice home, a reliable car, and
sturdy gadgets, so, too, should we invest in ourselves. It’s not just about being selfish, it’s about self-actualization, as investing in ourselves maximizes our potential.


Ongoing education is still one of the best ways to keep on investing in yourself. It doesn’t have to be something as amazing as acquiring a new college degree every few years (though for some people, that’s a way of life). It’s all about
learning continuously, similar to how many of the older generation adapted to using the Internet.
If you are always studying and learning new things, even if it’s just watching educational or science-oriented TV shows, it means that your brain is still learning, and that means that your stock knowledge is still improving.

Physical fitness

Just as you are sharpening your mind by keeping up to date with the knowledge base, you should also keep yourself physically fit. It does not necessarily mean that you should become a gym fanatic, but it should be enough that your body’s system won’t give you lifestyle-related medical issues like diabetes or
hypertension. If you think that this isn’t a good investment for yourself, just think of how much some people pay for medicines that help regulate lifestyle-related issues.
Do remember that you don’t have to be obsessed with exercise, although one of the best ways to approach the subject of physical fitness is to find a way to integrate it into your own daily schedule.


Now, this is one of the most concrete examples of investing
in yourself: savings. It doesn’t matter what you’re saving up for, be it retirement, a new car, or even something as simple as new furniture. It’s all about making sure you have financial resources in reserve, so that you won’t be caught flatfooted with no money at any given time.
Now, aside from savings, you can also choose to invest in the financial markets. This will help you in the sense that your current job won’t be the only thing that will be earning money for you. Even if your investments are such that you won’t appreciate them right now, what is important is that savings and investments will
help you in improving yourself.

Avoiding pitfalls

Now, you might be thinking: how do you invest in yourself by avoiding pitfalls? Well, the sheer idea of it is all about how a person should try as much as possible to avoid negative situations, and even negative people. The action itself is your investment to your own self. By avoiding people and situations that are more likely to impinge on your time and waste it, you should always actively seek experiences that can help you develop as a person. Just as much as education is an investment made of knowledge, so to can you save up an d invest on how you interact with other people.
To be fair, there are many ways that you can invest in yourse
lf. In the end, what you should make sure of is that these investments will make you a better person as the years go by.
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