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How to Minimize Fat Gain During Holidays

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Christmas is just around the corner and soon enough, our clothes will feel a little tighter compared to before. This is not surprising as people tend to indulge too much during this time. After all, we can’t be blamed, right? This is the time for fun!

But the problem with letting ourselves loose in the dining table, and having more glasses of wine than we care to remember is that we tend to gain a lot of pounds in just a few weeks. For sure, your New Year’s resolution will be to lose weight, but why go through all the trouble of gaining them in the first place? If you really want to make your New Year more rewarding for yourself, why not welcome the next year with your healthy weight still intact? Here are a few tips on how to achieve this.

Get enough sleep

The problem with the holidays is that there are too many parties to go to that it is hard to find decent hours of sleep. Unfortunately, this is one of the reasons why you are too eager to munch mindlessly at parties because your body needs fuel. If you want to be able to keep your weight down, make sure that you are getting enough sleep at night.

Bring your own meal

The trouble with going to parties is that you are never sure if there is a dish that is appropriate for the diet that you are following. If this is the case, why not prepare something for the host that suits your taste? This way, you will still be able to enjoy some healthy food even while you are in the company of family and friends and not feel guilty about it.

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Add more fiber

Fiber filled foods such as oatmeal is just one way of keeping your weight down during the holidays. Not only does this fill your belly up for hours, but it also ensures that your digestive system is working well. Eating oatmeal in the morning does help keep your energy levels stable too which is another plus to fiber.

Reduce your liquid calories

Yes, you can also gain weight from the beverages that you are drinking at parties. Soda, wine, eggnogs, all these add calories to what you are eating, so don’t be surprised when you find that your weight has gone up. Stick to water if possible or watch your consumption of beverage.

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