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Pieces of Advice on Keeping your Newborn Baby’s Immunity In Check

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We are not talking about fluffy puppies or cotton-like kittens but an actual human baby.  Caring for a human baby, not necessarily yours really trains you to be more militant with sanitation, organization and schedule.  Babies of all sorts need routine which programs us to have our own routine as well because we have no choice but to have a routine and make it a sync with others routines.

Fragile systems…

A baby needs to be under house arrest for at least 2 months to build up immunity.  Of course the exceptions are a well-planned trip to the clinic, hospital and visits to a relative or friend that is not too far away.  Yet these visits should not be too daunting, far and unsanitary.  Do not bring a new human to larger crowds in more uncontrollable situations such as a public event, especially one with a rowdier gang.

Be a clean freak

A slight disorganization in the baby area is much better still than some contamination going on and not being sanitized right away.  That is why I said clean freak instead of neat freak but of course it is important to be both clean and properly organized.  Wipe your baby’s mouth and hands often.

You have got to be pretty anal about hand washing and kissing!  Hands and lips touch a cute baby a lot and people should wash their hands often and every time they want to play with the baby.  You should impose these rules to others around you, as for baby kisses you can tell people from refraining from it especially when right on the baby’s lips.  You will never know what can get your baby sick so control what you can control of the situation by minimizing contact from other people and going out should be well-planned with a baby bag and all.  Many people carry bacteria and viruses and we forget how incredibly fragile babies can be.  Always remind others how to be around the baby just with the basics: wash your hands before touching the baby, no lip kisses and teeth should be brushed before giving a light cheek or head kiss.  Also no coughing, sneezing and smoking around the little guy.

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Pack up

Always have cleaning material such as baby wipes and alcohol free, natural sanitizer or an organic mild oil such as extra virgin coconut oil with aloe vera, extra diapers, sanitized bottles, towels, extra clothes, a hat and a sweater in case its cold, filtered water and a charged cellphone with credits.  And do not forget to chill out, nervous energy that is not handled well transfers to anyone especially a baby.  Be stern but not neurotic or overly militant with baby care.

Do not forget to pack a healthy snack or meal for yourself when experiencing a big day with baby, more so if you will head to a hospital.  Having a nutritious snack or two will ease your body and mind which is going under something quite stressful.  Of course a milkshake and donut or your favorite chips are fine but it should not be the only thing you’ll eat.

Plastic bags or thick paper bags are great for concealing waste and trash so bring some along too.  Plastic, paper or thin cloth bags are useful for separating the baby’s stuff and assures waterproofing.  Changing pads are another must unless your trip is very short and convenient and your baby has already relieved themselves.

Inquire to trusted professionals often and get vaccines

We all need our shots or some form of safe immunization from various, potentially deadly diseases.  Get a check up yourself, you may need some immunizations too or anyone who is caring for the baby.   Keep your doctor’s and hospital’s numbers by the phone along with other possible doctors if yours is not available.  Research and study baby care well by memorizing a routine, knowing with full awareness what is bad or good for them and acting quickly if the situation calls for it.

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For yourself- exercise regularly and be happy

And please do not overindulge in rich foods for the sake of comfort when your parenting work stresses you out.  Do your best to at least eat cleaner, healthier food first and minimizing your more sinful cravings.

Run, stretch, half jog, lightly weight lift, do a slow or fast dance- just move about!  And do various short exercises, that is enough I assure you for feeling and being much more detoxed.  Your circulation and bone health and baby’s matter most.  You both have to be healthy, do not forget your own well being and baby will be fine too.

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