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Proven Benefits of Vitamin C for Skincare

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Our body needs vitamins for it to function, otherwise we’ll be susceptible to various ailments! Fortunately, we are consuming these essential nutrients from the food that we are eating which is a good thing since we need these vitamins on our skin. Among the vitamins that we are getting, vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins that we can have as it has tons of benefits to offer for our skin.

What exactly is vitamin C? Vitamin C is a type of water-soluble vitamin that can be found in different types of foods. Since humans cannot create vitamin C on their own, we will need to get it from other sources. The problem with our diet today is that we are not getting enough of this vitamin C as we are more on processed foods because of our hectic schedule. Unfortunately, lack of vitamin C can produce symptoms such as bleeding or swollen gums, wounds that are slow to heal, and even compromised immune system just to name a few.

Benefits of Vitamin C

Getting enough vitamin C provides you with numerous health benefits, particularly to your skin. Here are a few that you should know of:

Assists in treating sunburn

If you spent quite a lot of time outdoors, chances are you have burned yourself badly. You can either take vitamin C orally or apply some vitamin C oil on the burnt skin to help improve its condition. What’s great about vitamin C is that the antioxidant properties support collagen synthesis which is actually useful in speeding up the healing process of your sunburnt skin. If you want to protect your skin against sun damage, you should apply vitamin C along with sunscreen.

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Prevents skin discoloration

Another benefit that is linked to vitamin C is that it can protect your DNA from various photochemical reactions that can cause skin discoloration, tumor, and even various types of cancer. Vitamin C has also been found to stop the onset of melanoma. What it does is to lighten the discoloration on your skin such as age spots and skin freckles so your skin will look younger.

Improves elastin and collagen synthesis

If you have been reading the ingredients used in your skincare products, you will find that vitamin C is often used in them. This is because vitamin C has the ability to plump up your skin by enhancing collagen as well as elastin production. Consuming foods that have vitamin C has been found to help improve your skin’s condition significantly.

Enhances skin resilience

When you have enough vitamin C in your system, you are actually improving your skin’s resilience. Vitamin C has been found to be effective in speeding up the healing process of wounds. This means that when you have suffered a cut, burn, grazes, and the like, applying some vitamin C skincare can help bring back your skin’s natural health in no time.

Boosts collagen production

Vitamin C is quite effective with boosting your body’s collagen production which is important when it comes to preventing sagging skin. Collagen deficiency can cause your skin to appear lifeless or dull even. Having enough vitamin C in your system means that you are rejuvenating your skin to prevent the appearance of fine lines and other signs of aging.

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Vitamin C plays a huge role on our skin care which is why it is often used in various skin care products. Aside from getting them in skincare items, eating foods that are rich in this nutrient is highly recommended as it helps ensure that your body will not lack this vitamin.

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