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Tips on How to Make Your Manicure Last so Much Longer

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Do you get a professional manicure once or twice a month only and that’s why you like to make each one last for a very long time? Then this article is made exclusively for you! Below you will come across some smart tips on how to make your professional manicure last so much longer than usual.

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Steer Clear of Water

Keep your nails from coming into contact with water a couple of hours before you hit your favorite nail salon. Otherwise, your nails will expand. You don’t want this to happen because when your nails go back to their original size nail polish can crack and chip away rather easily.

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There are some nail technicians that soak nails prior to painting them in order to soften the cuticles. Stop your manicurist and ask for cuticle oil to be used instead for a manicure that really lasts.

Bring Your Own Nail Polish

Are you aware that a lot of nail salons add thinners to nail polish in order to extend its shelf life? This is a bad thing because not only can it change the color of the nail polish to an extent, but also cause it to peel easily.

If you like getting your manicure done at the local nail salon, it’s a good idea for you to bring your own nail polish — especially when applied properly, you can rest assured that it’s going to stay on your nails for a long time, plus it also lets you save a lot of money as you don’t have to take frequent nail salon trips.

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Say No to a Top Coat

It’s customary for nail technicians to apply a fast-drying top coat to get your nails ready for action in no time. However, this is a bad idea if you want a manicure that can last for weeks because it can leave your nail polish vulnerable to accidents once it completely evaporates, which can happen really quickly.

Can’t live without a top coat? Then consider buying a bottle of it and reapply at home every 2 to 3 days to make sure that your polish is out of harm’s way and also your nails are shiny.

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Regularly Apply Nail Oil

We need to keep the skin moisturized to save it from becoming dry, scaly and wrinkly. Well, your nails also require regular moisturizing for them to stay looking pristine especially after paying for a professional manicure.

If you consider your nails as some of your best physical assets, consider investing in high quality nail oil which you should apply on a regular basis to keep your nails hydrated and your nail polish intact. But other than using nail oil, make sure that you also keep in mind the following tip.

Avoid Anything With Alcohol

It’s a wonderful idea for you to say “bye-bye” to any cosmetic or household product that contains alcohol if you want your professionally manicured nails to stay looking gorgeous for a really long time.

That’s because alcohol dissolves nail polish, leaving it looking faded after some time. What’s more, it actually weakens nail polish. Most of the time, alcohol is added to products to make them smell great. But there is no point in using a nice-smelling hand soap or lotion if your nails are looking horrid.

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Opt for the Right Shape

When giving yourself an at-home manicure, consider shaping your nails in a way that they mirror your cuticles, say nail experts. Doing so makes it less likely for your nails to break, thus saving you from having to give yourself another manicure, which is something that can take up lots of your time and energy.

Also, it’s important for you file your nails by sweeping the nail file in just a single direction — buffing back and forth is a complete no-no as this can cause nail tearing and breakage.

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