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Spice Up Your Ponytail

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When we talk about easy to manage hairstyles, a ponytail is the best way to go. It’s a simple hairstyle that is incredibly versatile. It can help keep you cool during the summer and water from dripping on your face during the rainy season. Ponytails are great for keeping your hair away from your face. You can create a braided, messy, curly, texturized and sleek types of ponytails. If you’re looking for a way to improve your basic ponytail, then try out these easy ponytail tips below.

The High Ponytail

Add some curls or waves to your hair to add more drama to this ponytail look. After curling your hair, tease the hair on the apex area of your head and smoothing it out. Take a fine tooth comb and create a sleep high half pony. Keep the volume in your crown area and smoothing out the sides. Once this is done take the remainder of your hair to create another pony tail. Make sure that the second ponytail is hidden behind the hair from your first ponytail. Add more texture to your pony by back combing some of your hair from the first ponytail. This look will make your hair look longer and bouncier. This is a great way to look chic and sophisticated at the office.

The Wavy Ponytail

Take some time to add texture to your hair by adding waves. When you’ve managed to finish this, hold all of your hair in a low ponytail and tie it loosely. Adjust your hair by styling it, you can style your bangs or curl some of your hair. You can also loosen some of your hair all over to add more texture. Once you are happy with how your pony look. Take a rubber band and tie your ponytail tightly. Take a small section of hair and wrap it around the hair band and pin it in place. Apply Hairspray all over your hair. This is a great dinner date hair or going out to do important errand hair.

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Sleek Knotted Ponytail

You can do this style on most hair types. Use a fine tooth comb and create a sleek high ponytail. Keep your hair looking sleek by applying hair spray around your hair and using the same comb to give it the sleek appearance. Once you are done with making it look as smooth as possible. Take a half inch section of your hair from the lower part of your ponytail and use it to tie a knot around the hair band. Secure the knot using a Bobby pin and Hairspray. This ponytail look is great for going out to a party or going on a romantic date.

Low Soft Ponytail

Start creating this look by curling your hair with a big barrel curling iron. Brush out your hair using a paddle brush or a regular brush. Once you get that blown out look, part your hair to one side. Create a low ponytail on the dominant side of the part. Style your hair and bangs before you apply Hairspray. This look is great for an everyday look or hanging out with the girl’s hairstyle.

The Easy Braid

Start by sectioning 2 inch sections of your hair from your part. Start French braiding it towards the apex or highest point of your head and clip it securely. Now, carefully create a high ponytail. Include the section of the braid and join them together to create one ponytail. Tie it off securely and pancake your braid to make it appear thicker. Once this is done, take a one fourth section of your hair and wrap it around your hair tie. Keep it in place with Hairspray. Smoothen out your hair using a smoothing brush or a toothbrush to make this look appear clean and sophisticated. This look is great for school or going to the park.

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Twisted Side Ponytail

Start by parting your hair to one side and take two sections from your non-dominant part. Twist this section together and continue adding more sections until you reach the area below your lower ear in your dominant part. Take your remaining hair and tie it as a low ponytail. Leave the hairstyles messy, it gives it more texture and drama.

What do you think of these different ponytail looks? Share with us some of your favorite ways to spice up your ponytail!

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