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Tips for Dealing with a Bad Haircut

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It’s all happened to us or if it hasn’t, it will soon. The dreaded and scary bad haircut! This type of hair cut goes way beyond a bad hair day. It can affect your overall look and can make you feel self-conscious for months. It’s not a surprise that women tend to be picky when it comes to their hair, but so are men. Whatever gender you may be a bad haircut can ruin anybody’s day. It’s hard to style and mask a bad haircut. It’s close to impossible to style it properly.

Well, you can take down the pitchfork and the mob you’re about to collect. A bad haircut can be fixed or at least cover up. As they say misery loves company, there has been millions of women that have gone through the same dilemma you’ve gone through. Thanks to them, we have advice to help you deal with your bad haircut. Below are some great advice to help you go through the tough times of having a bad haircut.

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Talk To Your Stylist

There will times where you can properly explain what you want to your stylist yet, they are not able to give you what you wanted. This can happen for different reasons. First, the stylist isn’t really skilled enough to make the cut you want. Second, your hair type does not fit you’re the style you’re after. Thirdly, the haircut style doesn’t fit your face shape. In cases that this does happen, you can always talk to your stylist about your dissatisfaction. Tell them about your worries and discuss on a plan to fix it. If you manage to notice a bad haircut when you get home or when you finally wash your hair. Call your stylist immediately. Tell them about the situation and set up an appointment. Allow them to correct their mistakes or find a way to do a cover up. If you feel like doing anything more to your hair will only worsen it, just leave it as is. Leave it to grow for a few months and see if you can get a better haircut. If your favorite stylist is the one who botched your hair, tell them about it and forgive. Nobody is perfect and hair is unpredictable. Just compromise with them. Tell them that you’re okay with the botched hair, but you’d want a free manicure or treatment your next visit.

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Do It Yourself Haircut

Most bad haircut happens at home. Even cutting a few inches from your bangs can be a bit challenging. One wrong snip can give you a lopsided bangs or an uneven blunt cut. Before even planning to cut your bangs at home, understand the basic of haircutting. Know the right type of cuts for your hair type and face shape. It is also important to have the right tool to cut your hair. Scissors that are dull can damage your hair and cause split ends. If you’re not sure about cutting your hair the best option is still to go to a professional.

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Grow Out Your Hair

Waiting to grow your hair after a bad haircut can be a very irritating experience, but it is always best to make the most of the situation. You can spend your time making your hair healthier. Spend this time to get your hair treated and avoid any more chemical treatments. Chemical straightening or curling of your hair will inhibit hair growth and cause further damage to your hair. Remember to be patient too. Hair only grows half an inch a month.

Make the Most of Accessories

Use a hat, hair clips and headbands to cover up a bad hair day. Hair pins are your new best friend when it comes to a bad haircut. Use it to tuck in your loose hair or keep short baby hairs from ruining your look. Hats can help cover up a large portion of your hair while giving you that fashionable edge.

Style Your Hair

Curling your hair or adding in some volume to your hair can disguise a bad haircut. You can straighten it to give your hair with more length and make it appear more manageable. Experiment with your hair and learn the best possible style to cover up your bad cut.

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Always talk to your stylist and make sure that you are on the same page when it comes to your haircut. Miscommunication is one of the major reasons why bad haircuts happen!

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