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Healthy, at Home Treatments for Facial and Body Acne

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Acne can be a horrific thing to go through but the journey does not end there. Scars are a party pooper after all the gashes, the pain, the pus and the suffering go away. What is also important is that you consistently do your scar prevention treatment from the day the wound closes.

1.)Aloe Vera Gel and Cucumber

Aloe vera gel is a superfood that is packed with so much antioxidants, minerals, amino acids and over 200 enzymes it is unreal. This is why aloe vera is also one of the most effective remedy for soothing burns, it has amazing healing capabilities. Cucumber soothes the skin and encourages it to retain its collagen level, thus retaining firmness, moisture and elasticity. Cucumbers are also great for evening out blemishes especially under the eyes. These two ingredients are so gentle just gently rub all over the scars and leave them for at least 20 minutes.

2.)Lemon Juice Rubs

Smells fresh and zesty but don’t get it in your eye! It is a popular and proven effective beauty product for its medical properties.Lemons and other citrus are antibacterial and also help the skin retain moisture and collagen as it gets more oxygen. The citric acid or Vitamin C is also crazy good for your skin and Vitamin C masks are indeed a thing. It contains alpha hydroxy acids which clean off dead skin cells and help with the growth of younger cells.

All you have to do is juice a lemon or two and either rub it on your back raw and pure or mix it up with some natural moisturizing soap if you have baby skin. Ripe, sweeter lemons are not as stingy on the skin and you can even use the peels as a skin rub which I recommend.

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Tomatoes have a high amount of Vitamin A and beta-carotene which converts to retinol-a derivative of Vitamin A. It has anti-inflammatory properties as well as immune and digestive tract support and assisting the formation of new red blood cells. They are also high in Vitamin C and Vitamin K. Vitamin K is vital for blood clots to be able to form, therefore preventing excessive bleeding and also assists in bone density improvement.

Tomatoes are gentle and pulpy and cling to the skin easier. Just halve them and rub on the face, leave pulpfor 20-40 minutes. Ask for someone’s help if you will do this on your back unless you happen to be shy and flexible/determined.

4.)Olive Oil

Cancer-fighting, high in antioxidant, tastes and smells nice, acidic in nature containing cancer battling linoleic acid and high in both Vitamin E and K. It is one of the most popular cooking and beauty ingredients and feels rather lovely.

5.)Almond, Milk and Honey

The anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antivirus and anti-fungal, healing properties of honey is amazing and makes it last for thousands of years greatly helped by its preserving yet healthy, natural sugars. Curing a sore throat and rough, dry skin for a long time, honey along with almonds are great for fixing pigmentations that are uneven and darker than the rest of your skin. Soaking almonds in milk overnight and a bit of honey mixed in will make your face feel like a rich baby.You can just make pure almond milk though if you want to use all vegan products.

6.)Nutmeg and Yogurt

It is an antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory. Mixed with honey or yogurt this becomes an effective scar-easing paste. You can also let someone massage this mixture on you and make sure to leave it for at least 25 minutes.

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7.)Daily Coconut Oil Massages

Indeed a body-friendly and delicious superfood as well that is incredibly versatile and amazingly healthy. Ingested and rubbed on your body and hair are all recommended, it is one of those God sent oils that have nearly every benefit. They indeed lighten and even out your skin giving it a natural afterglow and a smoother, softer yet firmer texture. Use as much as you want and thoroughly massage onto the area.

8.)Sulfur Soap

This is ideal for rashes and little irritated, semi-open wounds and scars that are newly formed and still sensitive. It is also one of the most effective blemish removers because the sulfur content dries out and flakes the pimples and abrasions swifter and clean since it is even an anti-fungal. It also prevents the skin from getting future infections.


Exercise is one half of a healthy life choice, the other is diet. There is no excuse and you know it, do not wait to let yourself get so sick that doing basic exercises will be truly difficult in the future- push yourself now. Besides eating healthy and applying all these products you must get a move on, nothing makes you feel as alive and fiery than a good diet customized to your taste with the routine to match. Your immune system and cell production will shoot through the roof along with your metabolism always constantly burning like a pizza oven- which is of course very good, a sign of good health. Remember to try to incorporate all cardio, toning or lifting and stretching in at least 20-25 minutes,
35-45 is a more ideal minimal though.

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10.)Oatmeal, Gentle After Treatments

A very clean food product this one is with perfect texture. It is dry and flaky yet soft enough and even has little starch powder remnants all around that becomes a gentle, soothing mask when mixed with water. It is a great exfoliator and most ideal for sensitive skin compared to bath salts and sugar bits, it scrapes dirt off effectively and gently. The oatmeal can be mixed with olive oil or another essential oil of your choice, even drops of lemon juice. You can edit the ratios depending on the moisture level of your skin- if you sweat easily, tend to get oily or dry.

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