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Home Remedies for Flat Warts

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Just like what their name suggests, flat warts are not raised like regular warts — they are kind of flush with the surface of the skin. Also, they are sometimes referred to as “juvenile warts” because they are more common in kids and teenagers. This does not mean, however, that adults can’t get flat warts — they can.

It’s true that flat warts are less hideous and noticeable than regular warts, and their being almost level with the skin can make them easy to conceal with makeup. However, the same thing is behind both flat and regular warts — the human papilloma virus or HPV. This only means that flat warts are just as contagious as regular warts.

Usually, flat warts are nothing serious, except if they’re picked at or nicked, and wind up irritated and infected. While there are various cosmetic treatments available for getting rid of flat warts, which are basically the same ones employed for regular wart removal, there are also a bunch of home remedies that are effective.

Here are some of the best all-natural ways to deal with flat warts:

Cover Them With Duct Tape

One very simple way to get rid of those flat warts is by covering them with duct tape. All you have to do is cut several pieces of duct tape — depending on how many flat warts you have — that are slightly larger than your flat warts.

Place the pieces of duct tape on the trouble spots and leave them in place for several days. Remember to immediately replace duct tape pieces that have fallen off with new ones — you have to keep those flat warts covered with duct tape all the time if you want to make them go away ASAP.

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Rub a Clove of Garlic on Them

It’s no secret that garlic has so many amazing properties, and one of them is its ability to zap viruses — which makes the popular herb highly effective against flat warts since they are brought about by a viral infection.

Killing off those flat warts is as easy as peeling a fresh clove of garlic and slicing off one end of it, and then rubbing that portion of the garlic on your flat warts — its juice will start zapping those HPV right away. Repeat this home remedy for flat warts morning and night for immediate results.

Some people also cut thin slices of garlic crosswise, and then have those slices taped over their flat warts. No matter which way you want to employ garlic, you can rest assured that the herb will deliver.

Place Tea Tree Oil on Each

Another proven effective eliminator of viruses is tea tree oil, and that’s why it’s something that you can spot on so many listings of home remedies for skin problems, most especially the viral kinds.

All you have to do is place a drop of tea tree oil on each of your flat warts. Allow tea tree oil to dry naturally to ensure that it’s given plenty of time to get rid of HPV behind your cosmetic problem. Do avoid applying tea tree oil on large areas of the skin because it’s so potent that it may cause irritation.

Strengthen Your Immune System

Usually, you just have to leave the war against those flat warts in the hands of your immune system. This doesn’t mean, however, that you cannot be proactive. You can help by making sure that your immune system is in tip-top shape.

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We all know that a diet containing foods rich in vitamin C is an excellent booster of the immune system. That’s why making sure that you consume good amounts of citrus and tropical fruits as well as dark green leafy vegetables can help your body get rid of those flat warts more effectively.

Reducing your stress levels, exercising on a regular basis and getting a good night’s sleep each time can also help make your immune system strong.

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