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Whey Protein: The Benefits of a Whey Better Protein Than the Rest (or is it?)

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Whey is a simple bi-product you get you when you make cheese. It is also the richest source of naturally occurring branched chain amino acids that we know of and its use in the area of health can be traced way back in history when Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, praised its health promoting characteristics. Overtime and after many advancements in science, this product is now available to us not just in the traditional protein shake powdered form, we can also have it in a protein soda drink, protein snack bars and in a pre-mixed liquid protein drink.

Studies have shown that the health benefits of whey protein are spread over a wide area of possible applications and these varied whey protein benefits don’t apply only to your typical weight lifting junkie. There are alike and those who would like to lose weight can also benefit. It doesn’t stop there, whey protein benefits even extend to chemotherapy patients, diabetics and those recovering from wounds sustained from medical procedures or otherwise. So if you think that the health benefits of whey protein is limited in scope you better think again and put on your thinking cap because we are going to dig in and find out more about the other lesser known health benefits of this muscle building supplement. You’ll soon learn that whey protein benefits extend to areas way beyond the gym.

The basics of whey protein: How it functions and how it benefits physical performance.

For athletes and health enthusiasts alike, whey protein is a staple that gives you a supply of quickly absorbed amino acids that ensure a supply of branched chain amino acids for muscle repair as well as fuel for building muscle. Since serious athletes out for performance need as much as twice the dosage of amino acids as compared to your normal individual, it is important to meet this need. Whey protein is a very efficient way of providing for this need. One interesting fact about the benefits of whey protein is the effect of the essential amino acid leucine. Research has found that leucine plays a key role in the promotion of protein synthesis and muscle growth and whey protein isolate contains 50% more protein compared to other protein isolates like soy protein. Another great benefit that is possible to get from whey protein is the fortification of our immune system from the presence of Glutathione. This anti-oxidant in contained in whey protein is a vital component for a healthy immune system and this further helps athletes who continually deplete their Glutathione supplies with resistance training and rigorous exercise. Glutathione helps keep our athletes at their peak condition therefor better able to perform at their best.

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Lesser-known whey protein benefits: From chemotherapy patients to wound healing, whey can give a helping hand.

Patients going through radiation or chemotherapy often experience nausea and a general lack of appetite. This condition further leads them to deteriorate since it leads to weight loss and possible malnutrition. Whey protein benefits these patients in the manner that it adds value to the little food that they are able to take into their systems. This increased protein and glutathione intake aids in recovery. One other health issue that whey protein is able to benefit is type 2 diabetes. Whey protein has the characteristic of being able to regulate blood glucose levels and it is commonly used in weight management. This factor can play a role in coping with and even preventing the onset of type 2 diabetes. Another medical procedure or condition that can get advantages from whey protein benefits is for those who have gone under the knife or are recovering from a wound. The heightened levels of essential and non-essential amino acid supplies you get from whey protein intake can increase the rate of tissue regeneration and hence lead to faster recovery. This is a great advantage for those who are in recovery and should be considered by anyone who is in a similar circumstance since the benefits of whey protein clearly show that whey hastens the healing process.

Graceful aging: Another whey protein benefit that highlights protein management.

One of the worst symptoms of aging is the decline of the body’s muscle mass. We observe that as individuals grow older, they begin to grow lighter and start losing muscle tissue. This muscle loss carries with it negative medical implications and should be addressed as soon as it starts to occur in our loved ones or in ourselves. Whey protein benefits earlier discussed can offer individuals suffering from this condition relief and assurance of continued health by limiting the loss of muscle tissue as aging continues. A recent study comparing men who had casein and whey supplements as a part of their diet showed that the group of men with whey as their dietary supplement displayed greater protein synthesis and this factor slowed down the rate at which they lost muscle, even as aging occurred.

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One thing that we should all remember is that whey protein remains to be a supplement and should never be used as a replacement for a true blue balanced meal. If we substitute whey for a meal we will find that the whey protein benefits will quickly turn into liabilities. A lesson that we must learn before it even happens and remember that a diet with everything we need and in the right proportions continues to be our true source of healthy living.

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