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FAQ on Casein Protein: The Uptake on the Intake

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Being an athlete is common enough but when you train to be the best, sacrifice is a word you will have to get used to. In fact, there will be almost nothing that will not mean sacrifice to you. Hours upon grueling hours will be spent perfecting a skill. Thoughts like not enough speed, not enough strength, not enough endurance, not enough sacrifice will continually race around your head driving you towards more speed, more strength, more endurance and of course more sacrifice. Until you’ve proven to yourself that you’ve physically done everything in your power to reach for the best, you won’t stop. You’ll continually strain to get that faster lap, that higher jump or that heavier lift.

Training to be the best really does need sacrifice but there are some areas where you can’t sacrifice. The body can only take so much and when you push it too far, it could possibly break. That’s why proper you need proper rest to recuperate and you also need the proper supplements to guarantee you muscle retention, recovery and repair.

Before a work-out you’ll need your quick absorption supplements that give you the needed fuel to attain your exercise objective. These fuels go quickly into your system and then are quickly metabolized as necessary fuel. Supplements of this type are indeed necessary as they also help muscle function and repair. The problem comes when your body is denied access to these supplements. There is a chance that the body could cannibalize itself just to repair itself and you wouldn’t want that. For these periods where you know your body won’t have access to these quick absorption supplements, you’ll need something that continually supplies your body with the proteins, aminogens, and glutamens that your body needs. During times like this, you need casein protein.

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What is casein protein and what are the benefits from it.

Casein protein is a specialized type of protein that has very desirable traits for every athlete. During times like sleep or prolonged times where you can’t get any supplements into your system, casein protein is able to slowly but steadily ‘drip’ an amino stream into your system feeing it the necessary amino acids that you need for muscle recuperation, retention and repair. It has a special globular structure that gels in the acidic environment of the stomach and so makes it slower for the stomach to digest. This anti-catabolic behavior gives it an attractive benefit to those who want to maintain their mass and at the same time fuel the body’s repair systems. Casein protein can be taken in as a protein shake right before bedtime or in between meals.

Will casein protein hurt me? Where does it come from?

Casein protein is derived from milk. Different brands use different types of methods to get at the casein protein and there are also a variety of types of casein protein. Some brands like to import their casein protein while other brands manufacture their own. You get casein protein varieties that offer organic casein protein options to those that offer the lactose free variety. You also get different formulations. There are formulations that contain a higher amount of carbohydrates for more weight gain while sleeping and there is the kind that thins you out.

Alongside the casein protein, you will also get essential amino acids, glutamen and glutamen precursors, there are also the aminogens plus you’ll get all of these in the multitude of flavors that range from chocolate frosting to peanut butter to your unflavored variety. All of which have been proven to benefit the athlete in his pursuit of success.

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How long will it take for casein protein to be digested by my system?

Casein protein is truly amazing and some say that it is better than soy protein. It takes the body a staggering 7 hours for casein protein to be digested by the body, even slower-digesting than egg protein. Some protein shake formulations of this slow-digesting protein help you build muscle and sometimes act as a meal replacement. Compared to whey protein, casein protein takes ages to be digested by the body. Whey protein shakes, after intake, start to be taken in by the body after about 40 minutes and after an hour, all the why protein has already been assimilated by the body. Compared to the 7 hours that any casein protein shake will give you, the 40 minutes to 1 hour absorption really sounds short. A big difference when you want your body to continually have fuel for the retention or muscles or the repair systems that go on during sleep.

You said that casein protein comes from milk. I have lactose intolerance. Won’t this simple fact negatively affect my body?

It is true that casein protein is from milk and it is a fact that milk is not for everyone but if you still want the benefits of casein protein rather than take a soy protein alternative, there are brands of casein protein that offer their protein shakes without the lactose. This type of casein protein will still give you the slow and steady stream of amino acids into your system but without the problems that milk gives you when you are lactose intolerant. This is another great solution to those who are looking for a way around lactose intolerance.

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I’m beginning to get convinced that casein protein will help me but will I still be able to afford it? It does sound expensive.

Casein protein comes in a variety of formulations and these different combinations of this and that regulate the price. Of course you will get the premier line of casein amino acids and this variety is often for those who are hardcore to the bone, wanting nothing but the best and with the budget to back it up. There is also the variety that gives you great results but with a nicer looking price tag. These products will still give you optimal performance and the great benefits of casein protein, you just won’t get the high level formulations that you get from the more expensive labels. So there is something for everyone at the casein table. Whether you’re the guy with the fat wallet or that one whose always out for the price slash, there is an option that’s open for you.

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