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Senile Osteoporosis: Causes and Prevention

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Are you aware that there are actually different types of osteoporosis? In this article, we will focus on what’s referred to by doctors as senile osteoporosis.

Continue reading to know more about senile osteoporosis — its causes and how to prevent it from striking.

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What It Is

Senile osteoporosis is also known as type II osteoporosis. Just like what the name suggests, senile osteoporosis is a problem that bugs older people.

Put simply, senile osteoporosis involves the thinning of the bone, both the spongy and hard parts of the bone, and this can cause the bone to become weak and highly prone to bending or breaking.

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Everyone will get old one day, but it doesn’t mean that all of us will suffer from senile osteoporosis.


Doctors say that senile osteoporosis happens because the body, as it ages, becomes less efficient at absorbing calcium from the food we eat.

In addition, the body produces less and less vitamin D.

What does vitamin D have to do with bone strength? Well, not too many people are aware that vitamin D actually makes it more effective for the body to absorb calcium. In other words, it’s necessary for strengthening the bones!

Definitely, age is a risk factor for senile osteoporosis. According to experts, people who are over 70 years of age are at higher risk of developing senile osteoporosis.

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There are a bunch of other things that can increase senile osteoporosis risk:

Cigarette smoking 

Excessive alcohol consumption 

Poor eating habits 

A sedentary lifestyle


You don’t want to suffer from senile osteoporosis when you’re older because it’s something that can definitely keep you from having a normal and happy life.

Just imagine all the things that you won’t be able to do if you have fractures when you’re older!

The good news is senile osteoporosis is a bone disease that can be prevented. By springing into action today, you can considerably reduce your odds of facing it many years from now.

Here are some tips on preventing senile osteoporosis:

Quit cigarette smoking

There are so many ill effects cigarette smoking has on the body, and one of those is senile osteoporosis. You should also avoid secondhand smoke if you’re not a smoker.

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Limit alcohol intake

In moderation, alcohol actually offers a bunch of health perks. But in excessive amounts, it is a different story, and one of the problems you could face due to alcoholism is senile osteoporosis.

Have well-balanced meals

Opting for well-balanced meals helps ensure that your body gets enough calcium and vitamin D — the latter you may also obtain from the sun, by the way.

Exercise regularly

It’s also very important for you to get your regular dose of exercise if you want to keep senile osteoporosis at bay. Walking, jogging, dancing and jumping rope are some wonderful exercises. And by the way, exercising also helps prevent obesity, which can increase your risk of senile osteoporosis.

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